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>>>We have 3M security system and are pleased with its results, at least
>>>the books.  We insert the strips in the inside of the book.  We were so
>>>pleased with the book strips that we allowed the salesperson to talk us
>>>into the strips for video tapes, cassette tapes, and CDs.  Since our
>>>collection was used extensively, we decided to put the strips on the
>>>tapes using the location they suggested and the two devices for
>>>desensitizing and sensitizing the tapes as they went out and were
>>> This was done last school year.  To our surprise and chagrin this
>>>year, the video tapes suddenly began to go bad--teachers began reporting
>>>wavy lines, snowy pictures, fluctuating sounds, etc., on tapes that had
>>>previously given us trouble.  Even the new tapes we ordered and placed
>>>strips on began to go bad at an alarmingly-frequent rate.  We talked to
>>>sales representative who seemed surprised at our inquiry about the
>>>effectiveness of the tapes and the possibility that the strips were
>>>the tapes to go bad.  He suggested that we may have been placing them
>>>close to the book sensitizing machine or too close to the computer or
>>>close to the tv itself, etc.  We had not done any of those things, but
>>>refused to admit that the strips may be the problem.  Well, since then,
>>>have stopped putting the tapes on our new videos and have removed the
>>>strips from the older tapes.  Of course, some tapes still do go bad,
>>>especially if they are used frequently, but we have not experienced the
>>>high number of reports that we had been receiving in September.  Just a
>>>word of warning about the strips for audiovisual materials.  Hope this
>>>   Rita Legan, Library Media Specialist
>>>   Bolivar High School
>>>   1401 N. Pomme de Terre Ave.
>>>   Bolivar, MO   65613
>>>   email: leganri@bolivar-r1.k12.mo.us
>>>   phone:  417-326-5228
>>>   fax:  417-326-4325
>>>We've been using a Checkpoint electromagnetic system (EM5000) for 2 years.
>>>It works well and we've gotten good support from the company. I would
>>>recommend it to others.
>>>Dave Thomas, Library Media Specialist
>>>Marinette High School, Marinette, WI 54143 (715) 732-7931
>>>            \__ o__
>>> LM_Netters:
>>>Thanks to everyone who responded to the call for feedback regarding
>>>Security Systems:
>>>I am in a middle school in Houston, TX.  We have the 3M system using
>>>tattletale strips in the books.  It has been very successful for us, but
>>>it took a looong time to arm our collection.  I have only called for
>>>technical assistance once and their response was very quick.  My major
>>>complaint was catalogs did not explain all the requirements.  For
>>>example, the bookcheck unit to sensitize and desensitize or what type of
>>>strips to buy for your collection.  Good luck with whichever system you
>>>decide to go with.
>>>One thing to beware of.....
>>>We had our security installed in the summer and it worked fine (3-M).
>>>But, being an older school like so many out there, electricity outlets
>>>at a premium.  When all the teachers came back in September, turned on
>>>fans, computers, Channel 1 tvs., etc., we didn't have enough
>>>Apparently when there are brownouts (not blackouts, but a reduction in
>>>amount of juice available), the security system doesn't always work
>>>properly.  I've moved around a bunch of equipment and tried to dedicate
>>>circuits to the security gates.  But I still don't have enough outlets
>>>to be
>>>able to laminate and print at the same time and be sure the security
>>>detectors are actually detecting.
>>>We have the 3M tattletape system in our library.   It's been in place
>>>since we moved to our new building in 1993.  We had an older model in
>>>old building which didn't work as well.  Overall. we are pleased, but
>>>there are a few things to consider.
>>>- the maintenance contract (which covers the gates as well as the
>>>sensitizing/desensitizing units) is EXPENSIVE!   We nearly didn't renew
>>>it this year due to the increase, but the circulation staff rebelled, so
>>>we did renew it.
>>>- the strips, while available for print, videos, CDs, audio cassettes,
>>>etc. are expensive.
>>>- you need to buy special (but relatively inexpensive) sensitizers and
>>>desensitizers for audio and video cassettes - non-magnetic units.   You
>>>can use the regular book units with CDs.
>>>- We use large plants between and on either side of our two gates (one
>>>exit, one entrance).   The leaves of one plant blocked the sensor on the
>>>gate, and since we had no idea what was wrong, we had to call the
>>>- The gates are picking up small (fraction of an inch in length)
>>>strips that convenience stores are putting on candy, mints, gum,
>>>cigarettes, etc.   We have to be very careful when we ask
>>>students/faculty/staff/administrators to step back to the circ desk, and
>>>we try to explain this to them.   The textbook publishers are also
>>>putting strips in their textbooks since many colleges/universities have
>>>open shelf bookstores.   We are really busy the first couple weeks of
>>>each semester explaining that to the students!
>>>I would recommend this system.
>>>Ours is the Knogo system now owned by 3M. It has been pretty realiable.
>>>NOT GAYLORD!!! It has never worked properly in four years. The
>>>salesperson came to our site twice before we purchased it. Said the site
>>>was fine for his system. When it started alarming with no targets nearby
>>>-- suddenly it was our mercury vapor lights that was causing the problem
>>>-- then he claimed it was the electrical line -- etc.
>>>My only suggestion - when you negotiate a contract -- if you are not
>>>satisfied with the product within one year -- you don't pay a dime for
>>>the equipment or supplies.
>>>We have had Checkpoint for over ten years and are happy with it.
>>>it has been remarkably trouble-free, and has certainly cut way down on
>>>book loss.
>>>We've been using a Checkpoint electromagnetic system (EM5000) for 2
>>>It works well and we've gotten good support from the company. I would
>>>recommend it to others.
>>>We use Checkpoint, and it works well, considering ours is  10 years old.
>>>Some kids know how to beat it - surprise - but I'd rather have a book
>>>pocket torn out than the book torn apart, as it would be with
>>>Tattletape. The service men are efficient and helpful. Our district no
>>>longer has a service contract, but we haven't had to call too much. Our
>>>newest problem is that students seem to have the idea that the security
>>>is in the bar codes. I have no idea where that came from! I'd be sure to
>>>get the turnstile, though. Otherwise, a student who has a book is gone
>>>before you can get to the gate.
>>>Good luck!
>>>We've been using a Checkpoint electromagnetic system (EM5000) for 2
>>>>It works well and we've gotten good support from the company. I would
>>>>recommend it to others.
>>>Thanks again!
>>>Nancy Bentley
>>>Mann Middle School
>>>Colorado Springs, CO  80904
>>>And thank you again to all who responded!
>>>Linda Young, Librarian
>>>Hannibal Jr.-Sr. High Library
>>>Hannibal, NY   13074

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