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Ooops, I sent this first, but typed the address wrong by one letter so it
bounced back. Part 2 got through. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Last January I posted a request for the above question. I apologize for
my delay in posting. February was very busy what with my husband getting
a Grammy Award and a conference. I am now on spring break so...

Here finally is a compilation of answers to my question about when were students
introduced to the web and how much is expected of the students. I have not
included names since I forgot to ask permission. The response came for across
the country and were mostly public schools.

Jan 30th In response to your questions about who and when net searching is
taught: In our school, we teach both in the library and in the computer lab. As
librarian I start by showing them how on a large TV connected to our computer.
We teach them this skill just as we teach them to use our automated catalog or
our periodical database. This starts in 4th grade. After they have been given a
group lesson, we closely supervise them as they use the net in the library,
computer lab, and in the classroom. Right now, they are getting ready to do
research on mountains. Their classroom teachers have already done research and
have set bookmarks on their computers. While they can and do some searching on
their own, we hope they will save time by using the bookmarks. Each classroom
has 3 or 4 computers in the room. Students and parents are required to sign an
acceptable use policy in order to go on Internet.

Jan 29th  I have k-6th grade library skills in our school. We have a computer
that connects to a big screen TV, which I use daily. I take K-3rd graders to
various children's sites to show them what the Internet offers. We practice
using the mouse such as connecting numbers and alphabets to make a picture. The
older students are e-mailing penpals. I teach them e-mail etiquette and how to
handle themselves on the net. They are also learning about search engines and
how difficult it is sometimes to zero in on certain things. The 4th graders are
presently doing research on various southeastern states. I encourage them to
use the various print items we have in the library and also encourage the use
of Encarta or another CE Rom reference tool before depending on the Internet. I
also have a student aide looking for web sites to help them so all they have to
do is go to the URL and save time. We are all learning how you cannot depend
entirely on the use of the web but that all reference materials are valuable to
their research projects when used in an integrated way.

Jan 30th  I use bookmarks. I don't let them search unless they come in
individually so I can be right there with them. I teach the Internet because
there is no Internet in the computer room - only in the library. I use it with
3rd, 4th, and 5th. Third grade students are doing inventors so I bookmarked the
Museum of Science site which has a great simple machine page (explains
components) then you get to take a stab at which simple machines make a
corkscrew. I printed out the page with the machine information. They stayed at
the quiz page to take their quesses. So, they learned to use the back arrow and
the left click button on the mouse. I keep it really simple. It would drive me
crazy to have them search because they can't determine a good site... at least
for the most part.

Jan 30th  I am a LMS in a K-5 school. So far, all grades have been introduced
to the Internet. Some examples include authors; home pages (Eric Carle   2nd
grade class wrote a letter to him and then we e-mailed it to him). Steven
Kellogg and one of my favorites, Jan Brett (lots of activities to print out on
this page.) These types of lessons were done using a projection system so it
was a whole class activity. We're getting ready to celebrate Dr. Suess'
birthday, so we will use his site as well.  As far as researching skills on the
Internet, third grade seems to be the grade where we start. ("We" meaning the
teachers and I) I've done lessons from our local newspaper's web site, NASA,
the White House, etc. The children usually use "Yahooligans: as a search
engine. I use all sorts of analogies between the web and the library. For
example: Search Engine: like the card catalog for the net; Web page: like a
page in a book; BACK icon: flip to a page in book back; and finally "Last
updated" date; copyright. In answer to your question regarding WHO does the
teaching, we don't have a tech teacher. I am it. The lab is adjacent to the
library so I do both. However, "library" is not a prep time for the teachers,
so it really encourages cooperative projects with teachers.

Cecily Pilzer
Media Specialist
Georgetown Day School Lower/Middle
4530 MacArthur Blvd, NW., Washington, DC 20007
cecily@beartrack.com     cpilzer@gds.org

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