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Some wonderful theme related sites put together by  The Community Learning
Network (CLN)

> Craft-related Theme Pages
>  Here are a few with a focus on Crafts.
>  The Stained Glass page has links to images,
>  historical information, techniques and patterns
>  for this beautiful art form.
>  CLN's Stained Glass Theme Page:
>  http://www.cln.org/themes/stainedglass.html
>  The Soap Making theme page offers sites with
>  information about a variety of ways in which
>  soap has been made throughout the ages and in
>  the present day. There's also some great "bubble
>  making" information.
>  CLN's Soap Making Theme Page:
>  http://www.cln.org/themes/soapmaking.html
>  Origami, the ancient technique of paper-folding,
>  requires patience and skill and patterns range
>  from very simple to extremely complicated. There
>  is even a link to a "diagram-free zone" where
>  instructions are provided in a format that could
>  be read over the telephone. There's a challenge
>  for a boisterous group of students!
>  CLN's Origami Theme Page:
>  http://www.cln.org/themes/origami.html
>  To see the complete list of CLN Theme pages,
>  start at the CLN home page:
>  http://www.cln.org/
>  CLN,   Open School, B.C.,    Canada,     fax: 250 953 7444
>  Open School         http://www.openschool.bc.ca/index.html
>  Permission is granted to redistribute the above message provided that
>  credit is given to the source and no fees are charged.

Pat Elliott
Ferndale Woods Elementary School
Barrie, Ontario Canada
(home) mailto:pat.elliott@sympatico.ca
(school) mailto:ferndale@sympatico.ca

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