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All library staff wore black yesterday. Tuesday afternoon I went around
and placed little signs throughout the library that said "Do not touch
unless you have permission from a librarian."  There was a large sign on
the door that said "No talking beyond this point" and the picture book
section was roped off with a sign that said "Do not enter unless
accompanied by a librarian."  The circulation desk had a sign that said
"Attention!  Stand behind the tape until you are called upon!" and on
the floor about 2 feet in front of the desk was a piece of duct tape
with "Stand Back!" written in red.
When classes came in I sternly went over our new rules - there were not
to touch anything in the library unless their hands had been stamped
with "Approved" by a librarian; the "no talking" point had been passed
and there were no exceptions; then I explained the new rule about
waiting behind the tape at the circulation desk.  My assistant read them
"Librarian from the Black Lagoon" inserting my name in the text.
When the kids came up to the desk they were exceptionally quiet and
reticent and, as they were called upon to step forward, asked (almost in
a whisper) if they could have permission to "touch something."  They
were all tip-toeing around and trying to avoid making eye contact with
me.  At the end of class I told them to line up at the door because I
had "one more thing to tell this class."  At that point I gave them a
huge smile and said "April Fool's!!  Have a Nice Day!!"
They got a big kick out of it as they all sighed a deep sigh of relief.
The funniest part (funny/sad, I guess) is that one teacher said she
really liked these new rules - before she realized it was a joke.  The
kids are still talking about it this morning!

Susan Grigsby, LMS
The Epstein School  Atlanta, GA

Those who don't understand aren't committed ...those who do should be!

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