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Does anyone know where to find the directions or software or how I can set
up the workstations in the library to allow students to access library
programs, ie; EBSCO, SIRS, Card Catalog-, so that a student can access any
program from any workstation computer using ICONS?  An ICON has been made
that is loaded from Program Manager called "Library" and clicking on that
ICON displays the Program ICONs that can be used.  A student can select an
ICON for the desired program and exit that program to select a different
one.  But they should not be able to exit the "Library" ICON menu to gain
access to Program Manager or any other Window or DOS programs.  Has this
been done?  Does this even make sense?  Can a semi-literate tech person do
this?  The system uses Windows NT, 4.0 on the file server and
Windows-for-workgroups, 3.11 or (hopefully) NT for workstaions, 4.0

I am sure this sounds pretty basic for some who are techies but I am a
computer tech by default.  DE FAULT of isolation and lack of funds to hire
someone who really knows what they are doing. I know enough about computers
to be dangerous.  Yet to survive have picked up a few skills necessary to
stay afloat.


John Meckler K-12 Librarian
Box 206
Plains MT 59859    jmeckler@montana.com
"I carve-therefore I am!"

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