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I got several responses/recommendations from our listserve members for UFO
books, and since there were so few, I thought others might be interested
since this is such a currently popular topic. Sorry - I forgot to request
copyright/publication dates, so I'm not sure how recent these are, or if
they're still in print.

By the way, I did not get "flamed" by anyone on the list for my skepticism
concerning the subject, or the reliability of many of the titles promoted
in publishers' catalogs - which seem to be more sensationalism than
science! Instead, I received several responses which concurred with that
concern. Thanks to all who responded! Here are the suggestions and
comments; the original post FOLLOWS for those who are interested.

1. I have one by Carl Sagan that fits the bill.  The kids like it and I
feel that his high level of achievement makes it ok.  It is UFO's--A
Scientific Debate.

2. UFO's The fact or fiction files by Anne Canadeo looks more to the age
group you are looking for, but I have not read this.  It is set up
interestingly though.  You read the fact side and then have to flip it
over to read the fiction side.  It compares what each side believes, a
pro con type book.

3. Here are a couple I've gotten in recently:
Mystery of UFOs/Judith Herbst (A bit gee-whiz, but not overly believing)
UFO Files: out of this world -- but true?/Sean Plottner

4. I think that scholarly research would be a reach in that area, to say the
least.  The whole topic is laden with outright fraud and chicanery, and
never a scintilla of real evidence that I am aware of.

5. I'm at home and can't readily check, but there are a couple of Isaac
Asimov titles from the Gareth Stevens series that are pretty good.

6. The last reliable book that I came across was the Blue Book published from
the U.S. Government files.  You might check if it's still in print (think
it was Bantam, Doubleday, or some similar mainline publisher)

Here's another couple of suggestions you might consider :  last summer was
the anniversary of the alien discovered in Texas and I saw that at least
Time had an issue on it, and I think other weeklies did too.  Second, check
in the University Microfilms catalogs.  I believe there was a collection on
this topic a few years ago.  And, finally, if you have acces to the
internet, the Amazing Randi has a site that tries to show how some of these
things might have been done (faked).  Sorry, don't know off hand what the
URL is.

(note: Does anyone know the URL for this site? Please forward to me -
thanks - Joanne)


I've had several requests for (nonfiction) books on UFO's, but the only
ones I've seen in catalogs appear to be full of unsupported,
sensationalized stories. Is there a title available based on scholarly
research which would be suitable for 3rd - 8th grade interest and reading
levels? Or is "scholarly research" too much to ask for due to the nature of
the subject?

Joanne Ladewig
Information Center Director
Fairgrove Academy
(a K-8 public school focusing on the Visual and Performing Arts, and
La Puente, CA
jladewig@ns700-1.enet.hlpusd.k12.ca.us     (all lower case)
home email: shatz@lightside.com

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