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Below are some of significant responses that may be of help to us as we
acquire multimedia technology. (Sorry, but I can't print all of the
responses due space and bandwidth.)

For our Media Center, I will still have to consider some options:  allow for
a few speakers, allow for a few headphones, or allow for karaoke jam
sessions.   ;)

David Levin, Library Media Center Director
Rich Central High School in Olympia Fields, IL
You're Invited!  http://fast.to/learningatwebsites

Regarding headphones - at my school we use a cheapy brand and find it lasts
long (or short) as any other we have tried.  The real reason for my message
to warn you about the sharing of headphones and head lice.  This hasn't been
at problem at my school, but I am aware of many schools where each child
brings his/her own headphones to the lab as opposed to sharing a lab set.
Hope this helps.

Sue Kalisky
Library Student

You don't need speakers for every computer.  They'll be in way & tempt
students to unplug the headphones.  Do get two or three sets of speakers
that you can plug in when a group is demonstrating a project or you're
teaching & want class to hear sound.

By the way, Walkman-type headphones work but can't be cleaned and
disappear quickly.  Califone makes good headphones.

Virginia Kay Williams
Media Specialist & Technology Coordinator
Williston School District #29, South Carolina

We are in our second year of using Labtec Stereo Headphones, LT-820 and
they have stood up very well to wear and tear.   They were purchased
Fas-Track Computer Products
Columbus, Ohio 43260 and cost $13.00 each   (At the moment, I do not
have the complete address available but you can get it, I'm sure)
I have not had to replace any of them.  We attached large hooks, bought
at K-Mart, to the side of our CPU and the headphones fit on  them
perfectly when not in use.
Renate Hayum
Providence High School Librarian
Burbank, CA

We have a similar type of lab and after much thought decided to have
students supply their own headphones. This way there is no thought of
hygiene problems or more importantly theft. Our rules in the lab state
that if we hear sound they are off the computer. If they want to hear
the sound they will bring their own. I suggest you save your time and
money for some other item

Good luck

Bev Boyd Teacher-Librarian
Bayside Secondary School, Belleville Ontario
I suggest BIG, UGLY headphones that no student will want to steal.  Also
make them have a lot of heavy plastic that can handle being sprayed or wiped
with disinfectant.

I also suggest a very few speaker sets for when you want the whole class to
Good luck!

Jim Neal
Library Media Specialist

Definitely no speakers.  Too much noise and confusion.

I just got some new head phones from my local computer dealer.  Don't know
the brand off hand but they are not the "open air" type with foam rubber ear
pads.  Those don't last very long at all.  These have a heavier vinyl
covered earpad and separate volume controls for each ear.  Don't know about
durability yet.  They've been in use for about 3 weeks but look good so far.

David Robinson - Library Media Teacher
Los Banos Junior High School


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