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Hello All,

I live about a two-hour drive east of Roswell, New Mexico. They have
two UFO museums there -- one is privately run and the other is
operated by the Chamber of Commerce, I think. The one downtown (C of
C) has wonderful UFO resources. The last time we were there, I made a
list of all of the videos and books that I wanted and when I got back
to school, I ordered them. I wrote a note, telling the people there
how the books and videos would be used (research). They were delighted
to help any way they could and even sent a few freebies: UFO key
chains, UFO Museum cup, etc.

Although I do not have their address, I'm sure you could get it by
calling the Roswell C of C and asking for it and a list. I believe
they have a two-sided legal sheet of publications and videos that are
available through them.

While we were there, I looked through what they had and also watched
the videos to know which ones we would want. The videos are
interesting in that they present a variety of view points. One is that
the UFOs that crashed near Roswell were real. Another is that it was a
hoax (weather balloon) designed for publicity. Another, from a
religious point of view that I had not encountered before, was that
UFOs and UFOlogists are demon inhabited!

I purchased books and videos presenting the different points of view
so teachers could show all ideas and allow students to examine how
different material is interpreted in different ways. Well....guess
what! Since the books were out in the general collection, most of them
were stolen while they were still new! Even one or two of the UFO
videos disappeared also!

So much for presenting a complete library presenting all points of

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