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I would like to try to help out one of our English teachers who sent me this
message. If you know of any sites on the web that would address this, please
be so kind as to forward the information to me! TIA.
(See below the message for what I've already done to attack this question)
From Tom:

my utopian literature class is doing a research project/small scale
exploration of what the year 2100 might be like... I am letting them choose
their fields... I suggested in a brainstorming session the idea of
lifespan... how old might we be--on average--in the year 2100?

Do you know of any good sites involving predictions of the future?  Any
possible sources the students might use to research--another possible topic
could be how much less freedom we will have, etc. any thoughts or help would
be greatly appreciated

I've been on the WEB for hours on this one, so let me tell you what I DID
find. Most stuff on "futurology" is articles that pretty much tell how
imprecise a "science" it is. Then there are the astrological and psychic
pages that claim to be able to predict the future. I did find some
interesting stuff on achieving physical immortality and lengthening our
lifespan by practicing good nutritional and exercise habits, and I found some
"keywords" that work like nanotechnology and aging, cryogenics,
vivoengineering, etc.
Some websites that might interest his group are:
1)Signposts/Timeline (outline of our possible future history and fiction
based on assumptions made on that future history)
2)Life Extension Foundation (an article there discusses the problem with
lifespan studies, which is probably why I can't FIND any for 2001!!)
3)An article called, "Life goes on--and on" at
4)An article called, "Redefining the idea of ripe old age" at

If anyone out there has any other ideas or sources that might begin to
address this topic, please let me know.
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