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I saw the idea for the card catalog wreath and the cd-rom wreath and thought I'd
share an idea we did a couple of years ago using cd-roms to make a tree on the
bulletin board.  (Any old cd's will work of course.  I think we ALL of lots that
have been superseded, weeded, damaged, etc.  We had quite a few leftover SUNLINK
cd's from the previous year, and the disks contained data only, so they'd be no
good to anyone without the proprietary software.)

We used green Christmas paper as the background--a small print.  Then we made a
"trunk" of 4 cd's and a large triangle of cd's above it (data side out, so it had
a silvery, iridescent look).   We just used straight pins to hod them up.

                                                            *  *
                                                          *  *  *
                                                        *  *  *  *
                                                      *  *  *  *  *
                                                            *  *
                                                            *  *

You can make it as large or as small as you'd like!  It just depends upon the
number of cd's and the size of your bulletin board.  You could even use a wall!

We used a SUNLINK cd--label side out-, of course, -for the star at the top, but
you could also use a paper star or just another cd.  Then we hung little 1" red
and gold ornaments in some of the spaces between the cds.  Got lots of attention
and compliments.

Funny thing was, we had it in a hallway where there was student access 24 hours a
day (we're located at a University) and many mornings when we'd come to work there
would be a cd or two missing.  If they thought they were going to hear something
good when they got home, they were surprised!  Or maybe they were building their
own cd-rom tree?  In any case, it was very attractive and we got good use out of
old cds.

Donna Baumbach
Director, Florida SUNLINK Project and
Instructional Technology Resource Center
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL  32826

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