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> session provided in our district, a clipboard went around for staff to
> sign, including SSN to prove we'd been in attendance.  It happened that the

I've had this happen to me as well.  I was told that it was so that we could
receive the stipend from payroll, as proof that we were the correct one being
paid.  Ok, I'll buy that.

> clipboard was left to lie around for the entire day in a public area of the
> building.

However, I agree that having the info "out & about" in public is definitely a
potential breach of confidentiality.

>         Of course, I researched this issue further and discovered there is a very
> limited number of agencies who are authorized to demand SSNs.  Most
> research indicated the need to be very cautious about where your SSN is
> used.

I agree.  I've heard that it should only be given to the IRS, and for payroll
purposes at your place of business....but I don't remember where I got this.

   Some states use that number as a drivers license ID (at least
> several months ago when I did the research).

In Ohio and Arizona, you can check that you don't want your SSN used as DL
number.  They assign you a different number if you tell them this.  I think
most other states will do this as well.

>         Anyway, the bottom line is, be VERY cautious.  Do not give out your SSN
> without absolute good cause.  Pat D



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