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Dear Colleagues,
        I have room in my University City apartment to put up 2 or 3 or 4?
folks coming in to the ALA mid-winter conference. I am about 15 minutes
away from center city (and the Convention Center) by public transportation.
I have two foam rubber mattresses that when placed atop one another form a
sofa during the day in my extra bedroom/study, but they may become twin
beds or a double at night. And If you're willing to use a sleeping bag or
air mattress on my livingroom floor, I can squeeze in a couple more, if no
one minds the crowding.  I have half a large closet empty and an empty
chest of drawers in the extra bedroom.  We'd all have to use the one
bathroom and my kitchen sink for tooth brushing, etc.  I have a washer and
dryer as well.  You can help out financially for any shared apartment food,
etc. and long distance phone calls not made with a phone card number, etc.
I can make a few more keys and give everyone an orientation on getting
around, sightseeing, etc. I'm not sure yet how much time off from my
library I can or will take till I see the conference list of workshops,
etc. But that shouldn't affect my guests. I'd enjoy showing you some of the
sights if we're free at the same time.  Let me know ASAP.  Let me know if a
male guest is OK with the females( if any are interested).  (Come to think
about it, maybe I should accept only handsome, younger, single male
librarians who like queen-sized, older females).
                                        Sandy P.  in Philly

"It's got to be the going not the gettin' there that's good." Harry Chapin
in song "Take the Greyhound"
"But then, you could go both ways!"  Scarecrow in movie "The Wizard of Oz"

Sandy Pomerantz, Librarian
Central East Middle School
236 E. Wyoming Ave.
Phila., PA 19120
(215) 456-3037

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