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We are using 3M which was recommended by most librarians whom I visited
when I was on sabbatical.  The only thing is, 3M and ALL the security
systems are more deterrents than anything else.  If a student is determined
to steal a book, unless you have someone constantly stationed at the door,
the alarm will go off and the student will be long gone before you get near
the door.
        As far as problems: we find that the alarm doesn't work all the time.
There are times that the book will not beep on the way out, but will on the
way back into the library.  Some people have mentioned that you have to be
careful not to have computers or metal objects too near to the system or it
can trip it up.  We also have a problem with books from the public library
or video tapes from rental places.  Both set off our alarm.
        Advantages of 3M is that the strips are difficult to find and remove.
They have two different kinds so you don't always have to put them in the
same place (further confusing the students).
        There has been much discussion about this in the past.  Have you checked
the archives?
Good luck with your choices.

You wrote:
We are looking the possibility of purchasing a library security system.
We would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.  Which is
best...the magnetic or radio frequency? What has worked at your school?
Which system has given problems? We need your suggestions.
Robert Whittenburg, Librarian
M-H High School West Library
Morristown, Tn

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