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Thanks to everyone who responded about his/her 3M Security System!
Here's a list of responses:

We have had a 3M system (grades 10 - 12 , 1200 students ) for 20 years.
worked faultlessly until we started to place computers near it a few
ago. We are renovating our library and purchasing a new 3M system since
they have solved the computer proximity problem. We are very happy with
system ( I like it better than Checkpoint. Had it at a junior high and
found it cumbersome and problematic ). I am not expecting to need a lot
support once it is installed. (didn't in the past) but you can purchase
We've been open for nine years and have had a 3-M security system since
one.  We have had little or no trouble with it.  We do pay for the
maintenance agreement.  We get service usually the same day.  Our only
problem is that our exit is so far from the check-out desk that we have
yell to make students stop.  Also, if a student is tall and holds the
up, it is out of range and will not set off the alarm.  You must also
books a few feet away from the gate or it will set it off.  Other than
no problems
We have a 3 m security system.  We do not have a maintenance agreement
because it is to expensive.  I know from walking through it myself,
sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.  And it goes off for other
reasons--braces, other metals.  Perhaps we need it maintained and newer
systems might work better.
We are on our 2nd 3m system.  The first was installed 20 years ago and
was fried last year when we had a major electrical malfunction in the
building.  We replaced it with a similar 3m system one year ago.  It has
been fine.  I do feel the service call out fee is high but there's
little we can do about that.  The system itself seems a little sensitive
but I'd rather have  that than one that doesn't react when it should.  I
use checkpoint strips because they are substantially cheaper.  Hope this
We have 3M and find it OK.  The students have less of a chance of
the strips since they're not very conspicuous and not always in the same
place.  The only problem is that the books do not always ring on the way
out.  Sometimes they don't ring on the way out, but do on the way in.
really more a deterrent than anything else, because if a student takes a
book and runs out, he's long gone before we can get to the door (since
we're usually elsewhere in the library helping another student.  Also,
have found that the public library seems to use the same system as do
stores but neither of them turn it off when the item is checked out, so
a student has one of the above in his/her bookbag, it will set off the
system.  Although once we figure that out (since they ring on the way
we tell them to hand the item to one of us on the way out and we will
it back to them after they pass through the system.
Good luck with your choice.
I am now at a middle school but spent several years at a community
where we had a #M security system.  Yes it did work and yes some books
still got through.  Sometimes our student assistants failed to
the books when then came back. 3M service, in Mississippi, was very good
and we had very little need to call them.  Because the system needed so
little work, we did not put it under a service contract.  The 3M
tattletapes can be purchased from Highsmith, Demco, Vernon, Gaylord,
for the exact same price, which is cheaper than what 3M will sell they
you for. You can get "targets" for books and diffent ones for CD-s,
videeotapes, audiotapes, etc.  I formerly worked at a school that had a
Knogo system.  I did not like how Knogo operated, how the bookplates
the security tags and frankly, it seemed that the theft rate was higher.
If I had to pick a system, I would pick a 3M system.  Be sure to check
Library Technology for comments and a 'consumer's guide' evaluation of
security systems.
I wish I had any security system.
Nancy Bentley
Mann Middle School
Colorado Springs, CO

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