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Out of the four libraries I've worked in this is my first one to have a
security system.  I think it is wonderful.  I did substitute in high
school libraries that had systems and they all had 3M so it is the one I
am familiar with.  We did replace our 1978 version with a new system
last year.  Got rid of the gates, horray.  Of course it can be
circumvented and the kids will walk in going beep, beep, beep which my
elderly library tech understands in the 6th graders but it does make her
wonder about the 8th!

I use the 3M system in my middle school library.  It was very time
consuming to theft strip each book in my collection, but the system has
been successful.  The only problem we have had is with students removing
the theft protection when they have the books checked out.  It's very
frustrating!  I've only called the service people once and we were able
to solve the problem over the phone.  We elected not to continue the
extended service, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have no
We are very happy with our 3M system.  Actually, we only had to call 3M
once; and that was due to an inquiry about the security strips and
what materials they contained (our school nurse wanted us to find out).
They were prompt in responding.
We have had 3M for 6-7 years ... love it.  Few problems ... We
maintain a service contract, which I think is around $400 annually, and
the few occassions we have had to use it, the response was prompt and
effective.  We save over $2000 in lost books yearly, and have little
problem with removal of security strips (about half are fed down the
spines of the books, but even the others can be well hidden in most

So, we are EXTREMELY happy with it ... a very cost-effective investment
... would purchase it again in a flash.
Hi, we recently switched from Checkpoint to 3M.  I also had 3M at my
school."  I like their systems very much.  They are easy to use and
effective.  Their service technician usually comes out the same day I
if there is a problem.  The next morning at the very latest.  The
has also been very easy to work with.  I'd recommend them.
   We have had a 3M system for about 5 years now.  I am very happy with
it now but we had a rough inital 2 years.  After they finally decided to
replace the box, which I suggested months before, we had no problems.
The first system they put in evidently had a faulty control box and they
just kept trying to fix it!  Our system was purchased through Gaylord so
I have not had direct contact with 3M; however, Gaylord has turned over
their contracts to 3M so in the futrue I will be dealing with 3M.  I
actually think that will be better, Gaylord only had one man that really
knew the system and he left Gaylord shortly after I purchased the
system.  Whenever a student or teacher has a video from Blockbuster,
etc. the video will set off the alarm.  We still have some items
disappear but not nearly as many as before we had the system.  Good


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