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The following post had an incorrect address to respond to:

This is Judy from LCHS.  (Labette County HS, Kansas)

Need someone to tell me where to find something.  I've looked everywhere I
know.  I'm sure the answer is onthe internet, but I can't find it.  I need
the author of a poem, I think
it is.  When Guy Dowd was National Teacher of the Year or whatever it
was, he did a video that we've all seen at some teacher inservice or
other.  One of my staff wants to know the author of the poem he read in
that video.  We think the poem is entitled "Teachers" - and the author
MAY be named Clark.  Doesn't that give us a lot to go
on?  If anyone has any spare time today (that was a joke) this can be
the question of the day.  Thanks :)

Please respond directly to: Judy Thompson, LMS
PLEASE RESPOND TO lchsusd506@altamontks.com

Harry Willems                   http://www.sekls.lib.ks.us/staff/willems
Consultant, Assistant Dir.
Southeast Kansas Library System
Iola, KS  66749         Fax: 316.365.5137       Vox: 316.365.5136

He who lies on the ground, cannot fall. -- Yiddish Proverb

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