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I still haven't found what I want--a way to tell my e-mail to NEVER, ever,
ever include the reply (not how to do it on each reply); so keep thinking.
Nonetheless, I did find a few helpful suggestions.  I go with Control A
since I'd rather hist Control A than roam my mouse all over a long message...

That's called "quoting" in email, and most packages offer it on or off.
I've not worked with Eudora (Pro or Lite), but perhaps if you look at
quoting in the help file, it will be obvious?
   As you see, I use it, and intersperse my reply, using the mouse and
delete key to clean what I want out.
   > Yes, I can go through each reply and highlight and delete, but
> this is supposed to be easy mail!!!  Any ideas?
   You can probably select all there or none there ... without highlighting
and deleting, there isn't much other I know.  You DO know, I think, that the
right mouse button, after highlighting, will give a menu, one choice of
which is delete?  I don't use it,
preferring the delete key, but many do.
   (You can delete whole paragraphs or more at one time)
When the message is shown in your current e-mail window, simply highlight it
and hit the backspace. This also works for removing the sender's signature
file. I have Eudora Lite at work in my MAC and had it here in my PC at one
time as well. I stopped using it because I didn't like the fact that file
attachments to e-mails were automatically downloaded(big virus risk) so I
switched to Netscape Messenger and Microsoft Outlook. They all are similar
otherwise IMHO. Hope this helps.
When using Eudora Light- Hit reply, then control A, then delete.( You will
have a blank screen to reply.) then type your response and send.

Thanks for everyone's help.

Laura Mason, Librarian/Grant Coordinator
Shelby County C-1 Schools
Rt. 2, Box 142
Shelbyville, Mo.  63469
FAX - 573-633-2138

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