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LM_CHAT 06/02/80 janice kowalski-kelly
TECH: Filemaker Pro, Claris Home Page & OS 8 Personal Web Sharing 05/31/98 Charles Snelling
HIT: Stars or Space Bulletin Board pt. 2 05/31/98 Carol Wheat
HIT: Stars or Space Bulletin Board pt. 1 05/31/98 Carol Wheat
Re: Stereotyping Librarians 06/01/98 Airdrie Academy
TARGET: Dewey 200s 06/01/98 Jennifer Lyons
Free Books on Playing Bridge 06/01/98 Rocco A. Staino
Hit: Web page policies 06/01/98 Eileen Cunningham
Research and end of year 06/01/98 Chris Finer
GEN HUMOR: Closing... (very long) 06/01/98 Earl J. Moniz
Re: Follett Online catalog 06/01/98 Ellen Fisher
Replies re: Robert Cormier 06/01/98 Joan Rosen
GEN: Ga. Only Ref: Summer Workshop 06/01/98 Patricia Pickard
Re: TARGET:INVENTORY:FOLLETT 06/01/98 Kris Waymire
HIT: ConcCamp Boy Book Found 06/01/98 Goldsboro High School
Humor: Is that to eat here or take out? 06/01/98 Kathy Bolster
TARGET> California/Western states author/storyteller visits 06/01/98 Joanne E. Ladewig
Plagarized? 06/01/98 Jennifer Burger
Re: BOOK: The best Christmas pageant ever by Robinson 06/01/98 Robert Hiebert
Help: address for E: The Environmental Magazine 06/01/98 Ellen Fisher
LM_NET FAQ - June 1,1998 (no changes) 06/01/98 Susan Baker
Elem: Are you on 6-day schedule? 06/01/98 Marilyn Hample
Foreign Language Cataloguing 06/01/98 Earl Sande
thanks and happy holiday wishes 06/01/98 Peta Ward
GEN: Plagiarism pet peeve 06/01/98 Ken Umbach
HIT: How to say goodbye 06/01/98 Kathleen Finnerty
Re: IMPORTANT PHONE SERVICE INFORMATION 06/01/98 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
Librarian position availabe in Los Angeles Area 06/01/98 Sheree Wu
Foreign Email Directories-URLs needed!! 06/01/98 Jan McArthur
Gen->idea for "site of the month" for June 06/01/98 Melinda Miller-Widrick
HIT:Successful discipline in middle schools 06/01/98 Jackie Corrigan
TARGET: LIBRARY SCHEDULE 06/01/98 Nancy Peeling
Info Hiway workshops at 4 conferences 06/01/98 Lillian Wehmeyer
AASL to Participate in National Academy 06/01/98 Steven Hofmann
Elem 06/01/98 Debra Kilcup
Students at Computers 06/01/98 Renate Hayum
target:Transitional First Grades 06/01/98 KAREN DEFRANK
BOOK: Till death do us part by McDaniel 06/01/98 Frederick Muller
PUBLIC: membership drive 06/01/98 Leah Tymko
Re: GEN: End-of-year reflection 06/01/98 Kristel Mayberry
GEN: water damage, Chap.2 06/01/98 Janice Ziglin
Gen: School House Rock videos 06/01/98 Seymour Smith Elementary School
reference book on California 06/01/98 Redwood Day School
Target 06/01/98 Betty Sherman
SEC: Brit Lit 06/01/98 Linda Blackman
Important forwarded information - Save the E-Rate Update 06/01/98 Mike Eisenberg
Re: Elem: Are you on 6-day schedule? 06/01/98 Irene Schlarb
Poem about librarian needed 06/01/98 Marisa Szamreta
Jobs (Multiple) - New Haven, Connecticut 06/01/98 Jean Lowery
Target: Trick and tips for getting books back 06/01/98 Pat Wende
Dynix inventory 06/01/98 Pat Wende
HUMOR: is this what we've come to? 06/01/98 Alice Yucht
HIT:sink in the media center?(part 1) 06/01/98 Karen Voigts
HIT: sink in the media center? (part II) 06/01/98 Karen Voigts
JOB OPENING 06/01/98 Terry L. George
GEN: National Geog CD - again... 06/01/98 Suzanne Weinheimer
"Imagine" by Lennon 06/01/98 Luz Cayabyab
Target: ELEM. Library Letter Closing 06/01/98 Brunell
Channel One Schools 06/01/98 Joan Turner
GEN: Hypermedia success stories needed. 06/01/98 Matthew Maus
GEN: old projector lamps 06/01/98 Jane T. Hohn
Re: Telephone Solicitation 06/01/98 Christine House
State Award Nominee Lists 06/02/98 Amy Bitsakakis
Elem: Internet use by gr. 1-4 06/02/98 Nancy Lieber
UPDATED> HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites - May 31, 1998 06/02/98 Gleason Sackman
Re: candy625 repercussions 06/02/98 Jeff Kirkpatrick
[IASL-LINK]: SIRS Commendation Award 06/02/98 Gerald R. Brown
[IASL-LINK]: Lowrie Leadership Develoment Grant 06/02/98 Gerald R. Brown
[IASL-LINK]: School Librarianship: International Issues & 06/02/98 Gerald R. Brown
[IASL-LINK]: Takeshi Murofushi Research Award 06/02/98 Gerald R. Brown
[IASL-LINK]: International Technology Awards 06/02/98 Gerald R. Brown
Titantic 06/02/98 Sharon Fontenot
school library position CA. 06/02/98 Anne Polkingharn
CANDY? 06/02/98 John Meckler
TECH:transferring Netscape Communicator bookmards / e-mail 06/02/98 Dick Trzicky
Accelerated Reader 06/02/98 Dr. Dana McDougald
SEC 06/02/98 Library
Re: HUMOR: Is this what we've come to? 06/02/98 Alice Yucht
Re: GEN: Collection Development Tool 06/02/98 uv middle school library
GEN: New webbed school directory 06/02/98 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
Re: Telephone Solicitation 06/02/98 Susan Grigsby
High School Librarian Wanted 06/02/98 lpearle
Audio tapes 06/02/98 Baker, Missi
candy625 06/02/98 Larry Mason
How many barcodes per item? 06/02/98 Jacque Childress
anger@hotmail 06/02/98 OLCS
Abridged Dewey Focus Groups 06/02/98 Joanna Fountain
JOB -Elementary Media Specialist, Needham, MA 06/02/98 Linda Conneely
Re: anger@hotmail 06/02/98 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
candy 06/02/98 Lee Ann Kee
Candy625 06/02/98 KAREN DEFRANK
Computer books for kids 06/02/98 Sands, Michele
GEN: librarians and stereotypes 06/02/98 Ellen Fisher
Library Permission Slip 06/02/98 KAREN DEFRANK
Library Assistant/Library Media Specialist-Delaware 06/02/98 Barbara J keesey
News Magazines 06/02/98 Frederick Muller
Re: GEN: Great Internet Video 06/02/98 MaryJane Krajnak
JOBS: 06/02/98 Judy Gressel

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