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Target:subscription jobbers 03/23/98 Molly Hartnett
8th grade fiction for boys 03/23/98 Mary Boyaj
GEN: Cookbooks to READ 03/23/98 Robie Martin
Re: Elem. lesson plans 03/23/98 Constance Vidor
Gender equity titles 03/23/98 Sheila Davis
GEN: Have you ever heard of this fairytale 03/23/98 Megan Volmer
Re: Target:subscription jobbers 03/23/98 Becky Phinney
MID: Magazine suggestions 03/23/98 Jeannine Towler (JJ)
Re: Information Access Company 03/23/98 Michael Warner
Re: Columbia conversion to Follett or Winnebago 03/23/98 John Courtney
Standards for school libraries 03/23/98 Harry Willems
Re: Your opinion 03/23/98 Irwin - Maureen S.
Langston Hughes poem 03/23/98 Mark Williams
REF: Hamlet 03/23/98 DOUG BANCKS
Bible versions 03/23/98 Joan Rosen
TARGET: Mother Goose origin 03/23/98 Betty Klein
SEC->needed quick straw poll on r-rated video use in h.s. 03/23/98 Melinda Miller-Widrick
TECH: Follett vs Dynix 03/23/98 Jennifer Fulkerson
REF: Math & Science Report 03/23/98 DOUG BANCKS
REF: Hamlet in Spanish 03/23/98 DOUG BANCKS
Circulation Plus software 03/23/98 Matthew Penn
Re: GEN: Cookbooks to READ 03/23/98 Earl Sande
Study Prints Request 03/23/98 Kathy Mentjes
Information Access 03/23/98 Renate Hayum
Information Access 03/23/98 Renate Hayum
GEN: "Our Lady Fatima" 1917 03/23/98 Bunkie w
Underscore in Micrsoft Word 03/23/98 Kevin S. Roe
Internet Filter Blues 03/23/98 Deanna Schumm
REF: Internet & MLA 03/23/98 Nancy Davis
Distance Calculator - Geography Tool 03/23/98 Anton Ninno
Wanted: 800# for Prentice Hall Publisher 03/23/98 Dave Nelson
HIT: Student use of copy machines 03/23/98 Marni Sherman
GEN: Hippy type fiction 03/23/98 Kay Goss
SAT scores state ranking 03/23/98 Mary Simmons
Re: Caspr and Follett 03/23/98 shiloh hills elementary
HIT: Departed borrowers 03/23/98 Chris Finer
Re: Middle School "Classics" 03/23/98 Mid-Illinois Talking Book Center
White House Video 03/23/98 Mary Jane Narog
Lesson Plan Sites 03/23/98 Margaret E. Runkle
Marva Collins info 03/23/98 Judith F. Davie
High School: Oprah's Books 03/23/98 connie baldwin
GEN: March 24th is another LM_Conf: Information Literacy 03/23/98 Peter Milbury
TECH: TV mounting systems 03/23/98 Chuck Finnigan
TECH: TV Wall Mounting Systems 03/23/98 Chuck Finnigan
Error Message - JavaScript 03/23/98 Rubaiyat
TECH: Word 97 and Front Page 03/23/98 Audrey P. Church
High School Book Awards by States 03/23/98 Connie Mitchell
MID: Concrete Poetry Resources 03/23/98 Diane K. VanGorden
TECH: Changing the Menu Bar in Win95 03/23/98 Joanne or Peter or Mark Shawhan
Re: Adult Reading 03/23/98 NFernan930
SEC: Biological themes in history 03/23/98 Rena Deutsch
travel/camping GA/SC coast/FL Panhandle 03/23/98 Rebekah Olson
Arabic English dictionaries 03/23/98 Douglas Macomber
CT help needed 03/23/98 Julia M. Johnson
Someone from Colombia, South America, please respond 03/23/98 Betty Hamilton
Re: Australian stories 03/23/98 ADKatzer
Elem. Hit: Audrey/Don Wood URL 03/23/98 Georgia Richards
Movies.. Primary Colors 03/23/98 bevrovelli
Windows 95 background 03/23/98 Judy Murphy
Re: Why Your Message Was NOT Posted to LM_NET 03/23/98 Michelle Ohnstad
ref: 101 dalmatians 03/24/98 Diana Caswell
Grapes of Wrath 03/24/98 Janice Bjorke
Looking for Information Literacy Book from Australia 03/24/98 Steve Burstein
GEN: Yorkshire correspondence 03/24/98 Lynn Johnson
Library Position 03/24/98 ElaineD619
Disney Adventure Magazine-Elementary 03/24/98 Roberta Moecker
Re: Cookbooks 03/24/98 Susan Grigsby
HIT: MID: Gay Resources (long) 03/24/98 Kathy Reynolds
GEN: for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans 03/24/98 Dan Robinson / Indexing Services
HIT:Personal Safety book for Grades 4-5 03/24/98 Peggy Schmidt
GEN: ORIGIN OF IVY LEAGUE 03/24/98 Lynn Ward
TECH-Printing graphics 03/24/98 Linda Pierce
HIT: 8th grade fic/boys 03/24/98 Mary Boyaj
Re: Security system Recommendations 03/24/98 Linda Young
bibliography for net info 03/24/98 Wilma Flagg
Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans 03/24/98 Sheila Davis
GEN: advice about unsolicted material 03/24/98 Roselle_Weiner
HIT: White House video 03/24/98 Mary Jane Narog
HIT: Middle School Magazines 03/24/98 Jeannine Towler (JJ)
clarification and apology 03/24/98 Chris Finer
No Subject 03/24/98 Kathy Mentjes
Re: clarification and apology 03/24/98 N. Lindsay, librarian O.H. Platt HS
Re: clarification and apology 03/24/98 Dan Robinson / Indexing Services
Cookbooks 03/24/98 Barbara Wall
TECH: television remote replacement 03/24/98 Marla Hall
Re: Cookbooks 03/24/98 Kathy Bolster
Re: Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans 03/24/98 High Commander
Creating The WIRED Classroom 03/24/98 Jamie McKenzie
Bess Proxy Server 03/24/98 Fairview HS/Peter Genco
Target: Place to get amateur cartoons critiqued 03/24/98 Jody Newman
technology questions 03/24/98 sharon
GEN April Fools Jokes 03/24/98 Kate Stirk, Media Specialist
TECH: Newer ver. Pwrpt. for Mac? 03/24/98 Doris Renfro, Lib., So. Range Mid. Sch.
Re: Printing graphics 03/24/98 Linda Pierce
Humor: why computers are female. 03/24/98 Johnnie Frisbie
TARGET:CIA World Factbook 03/24/98 Shugrue
Re: GEN: Info on MacWarehouse 03/24/98 Barbara Campbell
Global Studies 03/24/98 Linda Tonkin
Amy Lowell / poetry 03/24/98 Wade Grimes

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