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March 1, 1998

New (and temporary) to the FAQ is the Irish blessing, which comes up every
year around this time!
No longer in FAQ, but available on the website are 100th day activities
and the title of movie made from Paulsen's Hatchet.

This listing of questions frequently asked (and answered) on LM_NET has
been created in hope of reducing some of the repetition encountered by our
members. Members may wish to save the FAQ for quick reference.  We post
this twice each month, note in subject line when changes are made, and
mark in the contents with an asterisk(*) items updated that issue.

Information in items 1,2,3,4, 5, 6 & 7 comes from postings to the
listserv.  We can take no responsibility for accuracy.  Please direct
corrections or updates of this information to:
Susan Baker,  Library Media Specialist
Bremerton [Washington] High School

 *1. Irish blessing (May the road rise up...wind...at your back...)
   2. hello, thanks, other greetings in multiple languages
   3. this month is...
   4. dealing with junk e-mail
   5. bibliographic citations for electronic resources
   6. sources for keypals/penpals
   7. listservs for educators and others
   8. subscribing to LM_NET
   9. signing off LM_NET
   10. temporarily stopping LM_NET mail
   11. keyword subject headings for posting to LM_NET
   12. reaching the LM_NET website, archives, etc.

****** 1. Irish Blessing - May the Road Rise Up...********
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
the rain fall soft upon your fields
and until we meet again,
May God hold you in
the palm of his hand.

          - An Old Irish Blessing

***** 2. hello, thanks, other greetings in multiple languages  *****
Jennifer's Language Page lists basic words/phrases & links to similar

***** 3.  This month is...*****

Lists at  http://www.wcsu.k12.vt.us/~wardsboro/monthly.htm

***** 4.  Dealing with junk e-mail*****

1.  Set filters on your email program.
2. To prevent getting on some lists, download an "anonymizer" which can
block your identity when visiting a site.  Two download URL's are:
3. A very good resource page for all sorts of Spam/privacy issues is the
CAUCE (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email) homepage at:
and, more specifically, their Resouces page with many links is at:
4. For more info on SPAM and what to do about it, see section =21= of
Send message to:  agora@dna.affrc.go.jp
with no subject and ONE of these 3 lines in the body of the message:
    send ftp://ftp.crl.com/users/iv/iverham/getit4u.txt
    send http://inetw.com/home/ak/4useries/getit4u.txt
    send http://members.aol.com/bombagirl/freeware/getit4u.txt

***** 5. Bibliographic citations for electronic resources*****

Print resources:
Xia Li and Nancy B. Crane's Electronic Style (Westport,CT: Meckler

***** 6. sources for keypals/penpals *****

For "keypals", try these:
      KIDINTRO@sjuvm.stjohns.edu    A penpal intro group for kids.
      Keypals -  A listserv for educator's searching for individual or
          classroom pen pals:  keypals@esd105.wednet.edu
      PEN-PALS -  Pen Pals

        comprehensive database,  covers all countries grade levels,
          searchable by several fields
     CyberFriends       http://www.dare.com/fr_main.htm
     Find a Key Pal     http://www.kidscom.com/
     Exchange Programs
     E-Mail Key Pal Connection
     The Global Classroom Keypal Page
     Global Rigby Keypals
     FLTEACH (http://edweb.gsn.org/lists.html) for Spanish and
French keypals

For "old fashioned" penpals
Gifted Children's Penpals International (GCPPI)  [ages 4-18], contact:
     Dr. Debby Sue Vandevender
    3076 Silver Maple Drive  Virginia Beach, VA  23452-6772
  phone/fax:  (757) 431-1017    e-mail - debbysue@juno.com

***** 7. listservs for educators and others*****

Tile.Net.   is a directory that allows you to locate listservs by subject
or name and provides you with current subscription information.      The
address is http://tile.net/listserv/
Lists of  educational listservs:
A shortcut to listserv searches can be found at:
Good list of lists available on the web or gopher...usually known as the
Kovacs  list, real name is the Directory of Scholarly and Professional
     Contact:  Paul Kramer paul@n2h2.com

     Information/Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences
     Contact: Earl Fogel earl.fogel@usask.ca

***** 8. subscribing to LM_NET*****

To subscribe to LM_NET, just do this:
   1.  Send an e-mail message
   2.  In the first line of the message, type:

       SUBSCRIBE LM_NET Firstname Lastname

    (Of course, you would substitute your actual name in the line, such as
     "SUBSCRIBE LM_NET Libby Rarian"    No quotes necessary)
   The LM_NET listserv computer will respond with an informative message,
   which will ask for a confirmation.  You will then be added if you
   properly follow the directions.

***** 9. signing off LM_NET*****

 In the event that you want to unsubscribe/sign off from LM_NET....
  1.  Send your signoff message to:
  2. Send these words in the first line of the message:
     signoff lm_net
      and you will be dropped.  (No other words are necessary.)

*****  10. Temporarily Stopping Mail From LM_NET*****

If you want to stop receiving mail from LM_NET for a period of time, all
you have to do is send a specific message to the listserv computer which
handles LM_NET mail.
  Send the message to this address:  listserv@listserv.syr.edu
In the body of the message, on the first line, type the following:
   set lm_net nomail
To restart your LM_NET mail, send to the same address, the following:
   set lm_net mail

***** 11. LM_NET Keywords for Subject Headings*****

Those posting to LM_NET  are asked to help the LM_NET community by using
clear, concise subject headings indicating the content of the message.
Prefacing the detailed subject with one of our accepted keywords saves
time and energy of all those who read the list.  Currently recommended
keyword headings are
   TARGET:   request for information to be compiled for a HIT:
   HIT:   the compiled information from the TARGET request
   GREET:   for requests for greetings
   TECH:   for PC & MAC software & hardware discussions
   REF:   requests for all types of reference questions
   GEN:   anything that doesn't fit the other categories
   JOBS:   postings of job vacancies
   ELEM:   postings for kindergarten to 5th grade topics
   MIDDLE:   postings for middle school topics
   SEC:   postings for secondary grades (9 to 12)

     A Subject header might look like these:

            Subject: GEN: Special movie on PBS tonight
            Subject: REF,SEC: Info on World War II

    Comments: The TOPIC KEYWORD or KEYWORDS must be followed by a COLON
    and a <SPACE> before the regular description.

    When in doubt about which to choose pick GEN:

***** 12. finding the LM_NET archives, website, etc.*****

The LM_NET Archives, LM_Netiquette, the membership directory  and
related information are available via the World Wide Web,
  LM_NET On The Web (our home page)

Direct access to certain LM_NET information is as follows:
  To search the archives by keyword, go to:
  To browse the messages in sequence or by sender, etc., go to:

Or by telnet: Telnet to
   and then, by going through a series of menus, you will reach the LM_NET

To quit LM_NET (or set NOMAIL or DIGEST), Send an email message to
listserv@listserv.syr.edu In the message write EITHER
    NOTE: Please allow time for confirmation from Listserv.
For more help see LM_NET On The Web: http://ericir.syr.edu/lm_net/

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