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Hello, All!

Don't forget to register for the April 24th Read In!  http://www.readin.org

We have over 162,000 registered participants in 11 countries and keep growing!
Just us...it is such great fun!

We are now in the process of collecting names for our "Name the Bookworm"
Contest!  If you have a great name, send it to Nameme1st@aol.com  The prize is
two (2) autographed books by R.L. Stine and the placement of the entrant's
name on the site for the month of April! (Parental permission required!)

We are excited and proud to announce we have an endorsement from Reading Is
Fundamental and will be part of their "Reading Is Fun Week" activities
beginning April 19th! If you would like a free packet of reading ideas and
activities, contact RIF at their website!

We also are in the process of adding our copartnered bookstore with
barnesandnoble.com--You will now be able to purchase books and a percentage of
the proceeds with go into our non-profit literacy foundation!  (Amazingly, a
few weeks ago I was reading on this list that schools want to have the PO
option with online bookstores--I was discussing that issue with the folks at
Barnes and Noble before that was mentioned on LM_Net...It may very soon be
possible through our bookstore--I will keep you all informed...;-)

Again, join in the fun...we have authors for all ages...the Schedule for the
Authors will be on the site next weekend!


Jane ;-)
Jane Coffey
The Read In! Project Director
The Read In Foundation to Encourage Literacy
Over 162,000 have registered, have YOU?!

***See our Supporters Page for the link to LM_Net!! We are proud of our
association with LM_Net and proud that we have reciprocal links! Thanks,

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