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Am I the only one who thinks that there's a need/want for the following, and
hope that some publishers are "listening in" and will follow through on
these ideas? Maybe all of us have some "wish list" ideas for books, mags,
supplies, etc. that we'd LOVE to buy/ subscribe to, but don't exist (yet!)?

Let's share some ideas on the listserve  - don't reply to me personally
unless you're really enthusiastic about my specific ideas listed below (in
that case, I'll post a "hit" or tally of the responses).

How about:

A monthly PET MAGAZINE with articles geared to the ELEMENTARY AGE - with
tips on pet care and responsibility, each month featuring a different breed
(or class of dogs, such as hunting, toy, etc.) AND a cat article, bird
article, reptile article, fish article, etc. Lots of color pictures and
perhaps pictures of kids featuring their pets. Also, 4H club articles, "Jr.
Handler" tips for showing pets, etc.  and of course, a write-in colum for
kids' questions. This magazine would not get into the more adult interest
issues of breeding, etc.

A TEEN magazine for GIRLS that DOESN'T focus in on clothes, make-up, dating
and sex. Instead, articles on sports, crafts, book corner, colleges,
adventures, cooking, sewing, gift-making, photography, hobbies/collections,
community service, health and fitness, etc. Several articles per issue
should feature real teens.

While I'm at it, how about those old Gertrude Warner hardcover "Boxcar
Children Mysteries" book covers?  Those covers are AWFUL! Given a choice
between a new (Scholastic) paperback version with an updated cover, and the
old dark, unappealing, morose covers of the hardbound books, kids will go
for the new cover version, and even turn down completely the old version,
though the content of the book is identical! I had several situations where
I offered two friends the same titles, one paper, one hardbound.  The
paperback got checked out, the hardbound, after viewing the cover, was
refused!  Publishers, are you listening? I want to buy a new set of
hardcovers with ATTRACTIVE jackets!

And a set of PRESIDENT BIOGRAPHIES suitable for first through third grade  -
the other sets available are just overwhelming for the primary students (the
series are usually indicated for 5th grade and above), yet many of my
primary teachers (including kindergarten) are asking for picture books/easy
biogs on presidents, especially in February in conjunction with Presidents' Day.

 By the way, wouldn't it be better to have Black History month in January
when we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday? - Just a thought. . .
Especially since February already has Presidents' Day and Valentine's Day!

Joanne Ladewig
Information Center Director
Fairgrove Academy
(a K-8 public school focusing on the Visual and Performing Arts, and Technology)
La Puente, CA
jladewig@ns700-1.enet.hlpusd.k12.ca.us     (all lower case)
home email: shatz@lightside.com

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