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Dear Friends,
I am working on a project for my school district in conjunction with a
graduate class in library management. The school district has bought an
assessment instrument/system called Degrees of Reading Power. This program
tests children's reading, assigns them a numbered level, and provides a
list of books which have been leveled using their system. This book list is
not meant to limit reading choices, but to guide parents and teachers with
suggestions of books which fit each numbered level range. The question I am
researching, can we put these numbers onto the MARC records in our Follett
Circ System for books in our libraries that are on this list? If so, in
conjkunction wit6h which tag? Do any of lyou have the DRP Program in your
districts? have you done anything to mark levels on books in you libraries?

I would also be interested in knowing of any research which may have been
done or be in progress which speaks about student sagisfaction in
connection with reading books at their own instructional or independent
levels. Also, has anyone marked reading levels in any way in their
libraries? Thanks for the info.

Marcia Jensen, Librarian
Davenport Community Schools, Davenport IA

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