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I appreciate all the people who replied to my query some time ago
about janitorial duties and the librarian.  I asked who vacuums and
dusts your library and the answers were varied.  The replies go
"something" like this:

     -Vacuuming by custodial staff:
          10+ have that done EVERY DAY! (lucky)
            4   have it done 2 to 3 times a week
            6   have it done once a week
            2   have it done "regularly"
            1   has it done "once in a blue moon"

      -Dusting by custodial staff:
           10+ never receive any dusting
             3+ only 1 time a week
             1   holidays

Most people said that dusting was unheard of. Many do their own
dusting or get student aides to do that.  Some said that they are not
paid to dust and that is very expensive dusting.

A school in MN sounds like a dream. A cleaning "crew" of two
women hired by the librarian herself for 10 hours a week. They
vacuum, dust, mop, clean glass and computers.  They are "hers"
for 10 hours where I am lucky to get 2 women for 45 minutes once
a week.

The only place in our school that gets cleaned like that is the
superintendent's office...

Thanks for all your input.

George Anne Draper
LMS, Wynne, AR

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