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>"gatekeeper" when repeating this policy.  If possible, please forward
>any highschool "hours of service" policies or additional "reasons" why
>faculty  should  not  have a key to the Library for after-school hours
>access.   The highschool opened September 1997 and enrols approx. 150 grades 7
>to OAC Moose Cree First Nation students.

I've been thinking about this one for a few days now. Faculty members
have always had keys to my library for after school access and I hope
they always will. I realize we are taking a small risk in that some
faculty members do not always follow procedure, but I have to assume
I'm working with responsible, professional adults. I WANT them in the
library. I want them to use the resources there. For some of them,
it's the only time they have to get in and really take advantage
of what is available.  And it has been my experience that most who use the
facility and resources after school or on the weekends, do so responsibly.

Then again, I'm also the type who leaves the library open at lunch
too. Not so much for staff... but for students. Many need that time
to study, to find materials, to get online, to use the computers, etc.
So I sit and eat my lunch and read my mail and talk sports with
Jacob and Magic Cards with Keith and computers with Tyson... It's
my favorite time of the day =D

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