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Re: Please give me a reality check! 05/07/97 Victoria Rubottom
TARGET 02/17/98 Kuhl/Pannell
Duke University - Climate 04/30/98 Jane Perzyk
Looking for Sticker Company 04/30/98 Johnson, Barbara
No Subject 04/30/98 No Author
No Subject 04/30/98 Walker3715
GEN: Address for Avi 04/30/98 Christine Talbert
Library Aid(e) issue 04/30/98 Jeff Kirkpatrick
Looking for private school near Greenville, Texas 04/30/98 Sylvia Jacquard
Young Adult Book Club Selection for May 04/30/98 Eileen A. Schauermann
Re: SPEED OF INFORMATION TRANSFER.Le voila! 05/01/98 Gerald R. Brown
Re: Newbery Committee: Judy Freeman In Texas in July 05/01/98 Marcia Zorn
TARGET: Ks waw 98 winner ann. 05/01/98 Santa Fe Middle School Newton, Kansas USA
Re: Hit: Rings in Bull's noses...No Bull!! 05/01/98 Shannon Acedo
Automation 05/01/98 usjlibrary
GEN: Library aides -vs- Librarians 05/01/98 Jody Gerlock
Re: Bookt title: Elem 05/01/98 Carole Ashbridge
HIT: USDA Agri yearbook 05/01/98 Jody Gerlock
Library Aides doing job of Librarian 05/01/98 Cyndi Gates
HIT:GEN:Names for library 05/01/98 Deborah M. Cooke
Re: GEN: Subject heading for How-to books 05/01/98 uv middle school library
HIT: Middle School Library Help 05/01/98 Cynden744
Re. Newbery Comm. 05/01/98 Guusje
GEN: weed of the month/web 05/01/98 Carol McWilliams
ELEM: REF: books match school rules 05/01/98 Marcia Dressel
TARGET>Video of _Brave New World_ 05/01/98 RitaInCT
GEN: weed web page--oops! 05/01/98 Carol McWilliams
How to do books 05/01/98 ray barber
GEN: Last Oprah Author Interview 05/01/98 Betty Daniel
Curriculum page 05/01/98 Marilyn E. Barnes
Puzzlemaker site 05/01/98 Frederick Muller
No Subject 05/01/98 Dawn Hietpas
Re: SEC: Library Aides 05/01/98 Barbara J keesey
SEC: Civil Rights history 05/01/98 Carolyn Gierke
Target: Grade manager 05/01/98 Lynn. Mitchell
Re: SEC: Library Aides 05/01/98 Ken Umbach
GEN: Summer Reading for us 05/01/98 Patricia Vivari
Target: Web posting of lessons 05/01/98 Shaffer, Margaret
Re: LM_NET Digest - 30 Apr 1998 - Special issue 05/01/98 Lord Lis
Re: Helping 05/01/98 Mary Morrison
TECH: need Win95 file name 05/01/98 Kathryn Frech
TARGET: Calif Hist textbook 05/01/98 Nina Stull
GEN : Great conference in Northwest 05/01/98 Susan Baker
High level books for 5th grader 05/01/98 Garrie Jantzen (Marshfield)
GEN: Seeking 12 BEST articles/role of Elem SLM center 05/01/98 Susan Scott
Reposting with a subject heading 05/01/98 Dawn Hietpas
Librarian and/or aide 05/01/98 BSAllen
Looking for article: Top 100 books for boys 05/01/98 Judy Turner
CD writer (what is?) 05/01/98 Doris Renfro, Lib., So. Range Mid. Sch.
LIBRARIAN EVALUATION 05/01/98 Mary Schmidt
Kindergarden Humor; or, a Really Bad Pun 05/01/98 K5LMC
Tech : cleaning your mouse 05/01/98 Earl Sande
UPDATED> HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites - April 30, 1998 05/01/98 Gleason Sackman
GEN: Newbery Committee 05/01/98 Yapha Mason
JOBS : High School, western Washington 05/01/98 Susan Baker
thank you 05/01/98 Carol Bancroft
Juvenile Book Club - Next selection 05/01/98 Eileen A. Schauermann
Adult Level Bookclub Selection 05/01/98 Eileen A. Schauermann
GEN: Georgia Book Awards? 05/01/98 CUA VCU
SEC: citing Internet sources 05/01/98 Linda York
SEC: videotaping announcements 05/01/98 Linda York
target- Native Am. Indians 05/01/98 Carolyn Christianson
HIT:Color blindness 05/01/98 Julia Files Steger
TARGET:Justifying portable barcode reader 05/01/98 Julia Files Steger
TARGET _ Haunted House Ideas 05/01/98 Tlent
The Library Card by Gary Paulson 05/01/98 Jelinek121
HIT: SEC:REF: Animals 05/01/98 Jocelyn G. Shannon, Library Media Teacher
Follette catalog and "radiator lions" 05/01/98 Max and Leslie Radloff
HIT: Guide Dog books, Long 05/01/98 SHABLU
Re: Librarians/aides 05/01/98 NThackaber
LM_NET FAQ, May 1, 1998 (no changes) 05/01/98 Susan Baker
Electric Library 05/01/98 whs._mediacenter
Re: Re. Newbery Comm. 05/01/98 Bob Koreis
EBS Cost 05/01/98 Mary Ludwick
LM_NETter's Favorite Books for Children 05/02/98 Paul & Deborah Connell
Visit to London 05/02/98 Marian Rebesco
BOOK: The best school year ever by Robinson 05/02/98 Frederick Muller
Hit:Gen: Quote on rate of tech advances 05/02/98 Susan Brown
?Multicultural Mothers Day Books 05/02/98 Monica Carollo
Jobs:MA 05/02/98 Joan Nolet Bennert
Re: Hit:Gen: Quote on rate of tech advances 05/02/98 Suby Wallace
Cpyright workshop 05/02/98 Susan Byrns
MIDDLE, SEC: Ideas for student projects on WW II or later? 05/02/98 Rena Deutsch
SEC: ideas for short projects on the Age of Exploration? 05/02/98 Rena Deutsch
REF: What ido you call this @? 05/02/98 Rena Deutsch
Re: LM_NET Digest - 1 May 1998 to 2 May 1998 05/02/98 Bookpusher
apology 05/02/98 Bookpusher
Target: Directions lessons 05/02/98 Twanalm
TARGET: Breaking up collections 05/02/98 Joni J Rathbun
GEN: thread on librarians/aides/admin's views 05/02/98 Patricia Melville
TARGET: Data Projectors 05/02/98 Jerri Linke
GEN: software reviews 05/02/98 Rena Deutsch
Re: Hit:Gen: Quote on rate of tech advances 05/02/98 Ken Umbach
Re: GEN: thread on librarians/aides/admin's views 05/02/98 Joni J Rathbun
Re: REF: What ido you call this @? 05/02/98 Ken Umbach
ELEM; Spring Book Idea 05/02/98 Josephine Dervan
Re: Tech : cleaning your mouse 05/02/98 Brig C. McCoy
GEN: I forgot to add... 05/02/98 Patricia Melville
SEC, TECH: Computer Source for Venn Diagrams 05/02/98 Joanne or Peter or Mark Shawhan
Librarians and aides 05/02/98 Julia Christian

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