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TARGET: Need recommendations for K-12 reference books. 01/10/88 Martine Fiske FCS
Collection development policies 08/27/98 Von Bischoffshausen Gustavo
video needed 08/31/98 Helen Dittmer
HIT: Parent Volunteers 08/31/98 Amy Redmond
Help: Middle School 08/31/98 Kim Mortenson
GEN: motion-sensor lighting 08/31/98 Susan Baker
HIT: elem. librarians/first week books 08/31/98 Nancy Myers
elem: looking for spec books 08/31/98 Jan Mccully
HIT:Follett/student records 08/31/98 Nancy Voltmer
TARGET: Library promotion, Middle level. 08/31/98 Joan Campbell
Seeking greetings from non-USA schools 08/31/98 Judy Dallinger
HIT: Physics & Sports 09/01/98 Ken & Dianne Hager
TECH: Microsoft Word 6 09/01/98 Michelle Conaway
GEN: The Colorado Study 09/01/98 Graham Small
The Center for Humanities 09/01/98 Elizabeth Lorz
Re: GREET: 09/01/98 Shugrue
Clarification/apology(library automation) 09/01/98 Patricia Peters
HIT: CD ROM Copyright 09/01/98 Lucille Jerue
SEC: Books on Guilt 09/01/98 Michelle Ohnstad
GEN: Family Night and Fundraising 09/01/98 Kay Goss
Middle School Science Sites 09/01/98 usjlibrary
HIT:Elem:2&3GrHelpPt2 09/01/98 Micki Johnston
School Library Job - southern California 09/01/98 Michelle Ohnstad
Philadelphia area Librarian position 09/01/98 Jean Bellavance
NY only: card catalog needed 09/01/98 Elizabeth Woods
TARGET: ideas to promote visit by storyteller Stephen Fadden 09/01/98 shannon russo
Back to school books 09/01/98 Holly Willett
TARGET:ELEM: Author's birthplace/states 09/01/98 Rebecca A. Stewart
Re: Spine Labels 09/01/98 Pat Turner
Timeline HELP 09/01/98 Rubaiyat
HIT: What's Your Favorite Newbery and Why 09/01/98 Judy Freeman
Target: cheap cirulation system for small collection 09/01/98 Barbara Walker
HUMOR: Nature calls 09/01/98 Alice Yucht
Target:Using a digital camera 09/01/98 Martha Mason
GEN: Books on BASIC, LOGO, other computer languages 09/01/98 Joan Kimball
Gen: "Grandma's Law" 09/01/98 Kathleen Epler
Target-Alice Dalgliesh bio 09/01/98 Louise P. Jones (941) 773-3181
Re: Target:Using a digital camera 09/01/98 Sara Dinges
Price comparisons 09/01/98 Judy Dallinger
Newbery winners 09/01/98 Holly Willett
TECH: Netscape 09/01/98 Shugrue
TECH: buying old (DOS) software 09/01/98 Rena Deutsch
TECH: Microsoft Word 6 09/01/98 Michelle Conaway
GEN: Flowers for algernon 09/01/98 Tara L. Rivera
ELEM: High interest/low reading 09/01/98 Meredith Carlson
GEN: Full Text Databases review 09/01/98 Melissa Davis
Novels for first grade 09/01/98 <Sherry Wilk>
Target: MID: Orientation suggestions for SpEd and ESL students 09/01/98 Cathy Rosenstock
Re: SEC: Books on Guilt 09/01/98 Irwin - Maureen S.
GEN: If you liked "The Giver".... 09/01/98 Jody Newman
RE;"Grandma's Law" 09/01/98 Kathleen Epler
Re: Banned books(Guide) 09/01/98 MRS MARCIA E COHEN
Elem Video Challanged 09/01/98 Liz Mosier
suggestions needed for games developing teamwork 09/01/98 Toby Zabinski
Re: TARGET:SEC:A/V multimedia production 09/01/98 Mary Alice Anderson
REF: HS/Mid Hispanic Scientist 9/98 09/01/98 marty
HIT: Multimedia projectors recommendations 09/01/98 Sandra Parks
Joy Luck Club video 09/01/98 Karen Weaver
Re: Banned books(Guide) 09/01/98 MRS MARCIA E COHEN
TARGET 09/01/98 Sandy Pomerantz
parent volunteers in the classroom 09/01/98 Joan Turner
SEC:Block seminar usage 09/01/98 Alice J. Creveling
TECH: problem accessing site 09/02/98 Rena Deutsch
TECH: Scanner 09/02/98 Vicki Sherouse
TECH: Windows NT with Novel 4.X 09/02/98 Vicki Sherouse
TECH: Laser printers for library 09/02/98 Vicki Sherouse
JOBS: California high school 09/02/98 Judith Matthew
Magazine circulation 09/02/98 Denise Broda
Disney Video Leasing Library 09/02/98 usjlibrary
HIT: using technology in English classroom (Pt1) 09/02/98 Peta Ward
HIT: Using technology in English classroom (Pt3) 09/02/98 Peta Ward
MO Only 09/02/98 usjlibrary
GEN: LIBRARY SCHOOLS 09/02/98 Dotty Cline
ELEM: Math Software 09/02/98 Dianne Anderson
Macbeth OnLine now on the web 09/02/98 Glenda Scott
TARGET: SEC: Primary Source Media 09/02/98 Terry Young
REF:ency. article using APA 09/02/98 Taylor, Tracy
TECH:Electronic portfolios 09/02/98 Floyd Pentlin
HIT:ELEM2&3GR.HELP Pt.3 09/02/98 Micki Johnston
TECH: Merck Manual Home ed. - CD 09/02/98 Frederick Muller
Sec: Videos on Research 09/02/98 George Anne Draper
100 Greatest Books 09/02/98 Lena Rowe
MOVIE: Simon... 09/02/98 Frederick Muller
TARGET->SEC: OCR Software For Scanning Text 09/02/98 Lake View Fort Oglethorpe High
TARGET:Gen:Harley-Davidson sites 09/02/98 rich tabis
TARGET->SEC: Classroom Labs Scheduled in Media Center 09/02/98 Lake View Fort Oglethorpe High
Calendar software 09/02/98 Anne Oelke
GEN: Copyright Ownership URLs 09/02/98 Barbara Herbert
International Friendship Day - Request 09/02/98 Gerald R. Brown
Automation systems 09/02/98 ELSIE SULLIVAN
HIT:ELEM.2&3GR.HELP PT.4 END 09/02/98 Micki Johnston
ALA Seeking Candidates for AASL Deputy Executive Director 09/02/98 Steven Hofmann
GEN: BAD joke 09/02/98 Paul & Deborah Connell
Video policies 09/02/98 Donna Miller
Target: Sophomore required reading 09/02/98 Leila Silverberg
Free Govt. Ed Materials Available at Interactive Web Site 09/02/98 Keeley, Bill
Target: Folklore 09/02/98 Kay Ellis
Career CD-ROMs 09/02/98 Farrington, Kathy
NJ/NY/CT area only: Book fair companies? 09/02/98 Suzanne Weinheimer
TARGET: ELEM- on line magazine sources 09/02/98 Kathy Lauzon

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