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MID, SEC: Vibe magazine 08/12/99 Kathy Clark
TARGET: Accelerated Reader for pre-readers 08/12/99 Lawrence Newton
Target: overhead problems 08/12/99 R. McAtee
GEN: Direct Video Company? 08/12/99 Suzanne Weinheimer
HIT: Favorite 4-8 Sci Fi 08/12/99 Judi Moreillon
ELMO 08/12/99 Amy Davis
HIT: Elem. rewards for returned books 08/12/99 Vicki Asper
Re: Target: School webpages, State/Org Urls 08/12/99 Linda Bertland
AUGUST IS... 08/12/99 Debra Bashaw
Cataloging and shelving audio books 08/12/99 Debra Bashaw
Printing Problem 08/12/99 Wanda Nall
TARGET: Cataloguing ? 08/12/99 Jo Upton
Calendar of events 08/12/99 Michele Knowles
Powerpoint 08/12/99 William Crawford
GEN: pruneburgers 08/12/99 C. Hoff
Re: Tax Deductions for Professional Development 08/12/99 Judy Crocker
Reading programs and media clubs 08/12/99 Dianne Hixson
HIT: Cataloguing ? 08/12/99 Jo Upton
Quotes about education 08/12/99 Madeline L. Buchanan
barcode program 08/12/99 John & Katy Williams
Oldie But Goodie: The Return of "LM_NET Unlurking Day" On 8-16 08/13/99 Peter Milbury
Target: Robert Skapura & his software??? 08/13/99 Scott Childress
GEN: MARC Leader Tag 08/13/99 Bruton, Jamae
Orson Scott Card 08/13/99 Rebecca Condon, Media Specialist
Sec:Books in a series 08/13/99 Carole Ashbridge
Fall '99 Distance Learning Courses 08/13/99 Marianne Foley
GEN; Building Core Collections for School District Professional 08/13/99 Bester Bonner
Teach Ed Tech at university near L.A. 08/13/99 Lillian Wehmeyer
Overhead projectors 08/13/99 Michele B. Kujawinski
HIT: Accelerated Reader for pre-readers 08/13/99 Lawrence Newton
Catalog card software for PCs? 08/13/99 Joanne Proctor
GEN: Article on Filtering 08/13/99 Kathy Geronzin
Target: California Diaries Series 08/13/99 Kate Kelley
names for library computers 08/13/99 Carolyn Karis
GEN: Evaluating Web pages 08/13/99 Joyce Conklin
TECH: Laminators 08/13/99 H. Grant
Gen: Moving Library 08/13/99 Joanne Flusche
REF: Research... 08/13/99 Earl J. Moniz
REF: Technology.. 08/13/99 Earl J. Moniz
TV program 08/13/99 Lampley Catherine
Student ID Cards/tags 08/13/99 Ann Bender
FW: target: Video cataloging 08/13/99 GeorgeP
Target: Accelerated Reader "Prize Store" Idea 08/13/99 Deidre Richard
BOOK: Twisted summer by WD Roberts 08/13/99 Frederick Muller
GEN: website for replacing missing volumes of a set 08/13/99 Suzanne Weinheimer
GEN: HS: Schoolwide SSR 08/13/99 marty
Follett Barcode Scanners 08/13/99 Belinda Pope
Secondary Media Centers 08/13/99 Belinda Pope
historical homes of authors 08/13/99 The Wells
GEN: Poster of a Trolley needed 08/13/99 Marie Ferner
Question: Secondary Special Ed 08/14/99 Dawn Sardes
Hit: Books in a Series 08/14/99 Carole Ashbridge
GEN: Protocol for "LM_NET Unlurking Day" On Monday 8-16 08/14/99 Peter Milbury
GEN: URGENT! Breaking a contract 08/14/99 AGerald
Humor: Teenagers 08/14/99 Sylvia Van't Hul
Re: Science fiction 08/14/99 Nancy S. Johnson
Re: Orson Scott Card 08/14/99 Alan L Brown
Help for an Art Teacher 08/14/99 Donna Harris
GEN: Seeking presentation advice for librarian training inservice 08/14/99 Jackie Keith
Birthday Books 08/14/99 Molly Clark
Target: Jim Trelease 08/14/99 Wayne and Harrow Strickland
Ingram 08/15/99 Gail Grainger
TECH: Thanks and Help 08/15/99 Wanda Nall
Re: Library jokes for grades 1-6 08/15/99 Randi Hermans
GEN: Research on Teenagers Home Alone 08/15/99 Joanne Shawhan
Target-"Conversation with Koko" 08/15/99 Louise P. Jones (941) 773-3181
JOB Posting 08/15/99 Judy Schram
BOOK: The Winter of Red Snow [Dear America] by Gregory 08/15/99 Frederick Muller
Re: Orson Scott Card (speaking of great SF for young readers) 08/15/99 Lawrence Newton
Re: Orson Scott Card (speaking of great SF for young readers) 08/15/99 John Albee
Re: Library jokes for grades 1-6 08/15/99 Minkel, Walter (Cahners -NYC)
Unlurking Day 08/15/99 Sue Tiesiera
GEN: Laser Printers 08/15/99 Pam Chowning
TARGET:Computer Labs v Classroom Computers 08/15/99 WHS Library
Target--time line for automation 08/15/99 Helen Dittmer
Re: Greetings 08/15/99 Geri Pecoraro
BOOK: The Blizzard disaster by Kehret 08/15/99 Frederick Muller
Re: Harry Potter #3 08/15/99 Pelusi
target - author address 08/15/99 Joan Chase
HIT: Accelerated Reader "Prize Store" Ideas 08/15/99 Deidre Richard
Greetings from all 50 States and beyond 08/15/99 Deborah Baumgartner
No Subject 08/15/99 Marge Chasteen
Gen: Advice about publishing children's books 08/16/99 Elizabeth Vaccaro
Many Thanks 08/16/99 Rebecca Condon, Media Specialist
Lurker 08/16/99 Val Hamilton
No Subject 08/16/99 No Author
seeking audrey nolte, allentown PA 08/16/99 Mary Ziller
unlurking 08/16/99 Beth Pounds
Semi-Lurker 08/16/99 Verity Creekmore
Re: HIT: How to keep up with your prof. reading 08/16/99 uthoff
LM_NET Unlurking Day greetings 08/16/99 Jan Radford
Re: Semi-Lurker 08/16/99 Suby Wallace
unlurking 08/16/99 Kim Blunt
Greetings - Lurker 08/16/99 Brenda Partridge
NEW LURKER 08/16/99 Pamela M. White
library club 08/16/99 Anschutz Family
Don't Forget to Register for Teen Read Week 08/16/99 Esther Murphy
Tar: unlurking day 08/16/99 Kathie Epler
Professional Organizations 08/16/99 Padgett, Debra
GEN: Library read-alouds for grades 5-6 08/16/99 Eileen Capelle

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