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Good Morning!
Sorry this HIT is so late.  I'm sure the low response was due to it
being summer, but I appreciate all who sent their ideas.  Actually, the
possibilities are endless & I needed just such a feedback to get my
creative juices flowing. We have decided to go with a frog theme this
year and our slogan is "We're Reading by Leaps and Bounds!"   We have
smiling, happy, jumping frogs for each student which will "jump" to
different lily pads as they gain points.  The lily pads have been named
within the frog/pond idea, the first being the Tadpole Lily Pad on up to
the last one being the Golden Lily Pad.  I've also made stuffed frogs to
serve as "traveling trophies" for the highest percentage classes.
We're also using the Reading Riot idea (thanks,  Beth!), but we're
calling it the Reading Ribbit Riot!  Thanks to all who sent your great
I've included my original post, with responses following:

I will be in charge of our AR bulletin board this year which shows the
children's progress to each "club" based on the number of points they
have accumulated.  Our clubs are based on Texas animals, the highest
being the White Buffalo Club since our school mascot is the buffalo.
This past year, little covered wagons were used to show how they "moved"

toward their reading goals.  I'd like to have a fresh idea for this
fall...so...do any of you (or someone else at your school) do this type
of thing with your AR program?  If so, will you share all of your clever

ways of showing the student's progress?  I'll post a hit.
Thanks!  Looking forward to hearing from you!
Jacque Childress, Librarian
Cross Plains Elem. Library
Cross Plains, TX

Last year we used "SOAR" as our theme.  Our school's name is Suwannee
Middle School, so SOAR stood for Suwannee's Outstanding Accelerated
Readers.  Our bulletin board featured a space theme, with stars
each language arts class's progress.  In addition, each student filled
out a star
with his or her name and the title of the book they read and these were
in individual classrooms.  It was cool to visit different classrooms and
see the
displays of stars.  Some even went out into and down the hallways, which
a great visual effect and helped promote the program with other
teachers.  We
even posted the number of total points each language arts class had
each week.  It was fun to hear the students saying things like, "We
can't let
Mrs. Byrd's class beat us!"  or "Oh, no!  Mrs. Robinson's 3rd period is
ahead!"  As usual, 8th grade won for the year with the most points, 7th
came in second, and 6th was third.  All in all, it was VERY successful.
The big
reward was a trip to Busch Gardens for the top 40 readers.  I guess a
trip to a
planetarium would have fit our "theme" a little better, but Busch
Gardens sure
was fun!!!  Good luck!  I can't wait for your HIT.  We need to plan for
next year,
Marcia M. Norris
Language Arts Teacher
Suwannee Middle School
Live Oak, FL

 At our elementary campus in El Paso we used and Island theme this past
>We named each Island based on an Island from a book, a movie, or a real

>island such as: Treasure Island, Surprise Island etc.
>Each student got some type of sea creature which was moved to the
>around the next island as they progressed with their reading.  Teachers
>participated by reading and taking tests got parrots that we also
>The kids loved comparing themselves to the teachers.
>The previous year we had a balloon theme.  We put clouds up for each of
>various levels and the students traveled to the clouds in their own
>hot air balloon that had their picture on it.
>At the end of the year both years we held a Reading Riot ( a carnival)
>they got to 'spend' the points they had earned all year.
>Please pass along other hits you get.  We are also looking for new
Beth Jones
>Collins Elementary
>2nd grade teacher
>GSLIS student at UT Austin

I've been using AR for about 12 years now.  I change themes every year
to help keep the program new and fresh.  I also name my "Wall of Fame"
keeping with my theme--that way, a student tends not to say "I've
been there, done that."  I remind them that , "Well, you may have been a

Thunderbird in the past, but you haven't been a member of the Space
          I choose an overall theme for the year, (Example:  Join the
Pow Wow), then I come up with a related caption for each teacher, create
large banner and attach it to the wall beside her classroom door.  I
enlarge and paint a graphic that goes along with the banner.  (Example:
Graphic:  A large Indian aiming a bow & arrow; Caption:  Knowledge is
Greatest Weapon)   Right now, my school is small enough that I need
about 10
different captions & pictures.  {In one year, I'll triple in size
consolidation & a new school, so instead, I may end up using one main
per grade level.}  Underneath the banner, I used one laminated,
paper teepee for each student.   I wrote their names in permanent
last name first.  I placed the teepees in rows in alpha order and
their points using a wipe off marker.   The teachers and the kids love
It is very visual and the children love to have their names and points
for everyone to see.
        I've used the Native American theme,  "Sea" the World of Books
(nautical), Reading Rainforest, Read for the Stars (Space Theme),
(Castles, etc.), a Mythology theme,  a patriotic theme, ---the list goes
Using every wall in the school keeps the program alive and in front of
at all times.  Every caption relates the theme to books and reading.
students (and the teachers) can't wait to see what next year's theme is
to be.  I do ask the teachers for suggestions and give them the
to help "vote" on new possibilities.  I like to give them as much
in the program as possible.
        I hope you enjoy your AR program as much as we have enjoyed
Jan McGee, LMS
Mitchell Elementary School (K-6)
400 Mitchell Lane
West Monroe, Louisiana 71292

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