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This is Part 1 of 3:
Thanks to all who responded to my query about Christian objections to Harry
Potter.  Several responded directly to me, so I am including a sample of
their responses, edited for brevity.  I hope I have accurately represented
your views as you sent them to me.  This could have been an opportunity for
flaming remarks about religion, but all were wonderfully professional in

The Harry Potter books were available for purchase in my book fair last
Spring.  I ... decided not to put them in my Christian
School Library.  I also strive for balance, but avoid the obviously
novels.  We have books about other religions and cults in our high
school library for comparison with true Christianity.  Harry Potter just
seemed like a middle school novel with no real value to Christians.
Best wishes,
Charlotte Osburn, LMS
Westminster Christian Academy

.....a community would have to be
dangerously "closed" to be that opposed to these books.  There is
wonderful character development here, and a mixture of good and evil that
is important for children to realize exists.  I don't think these are the
greatest titles I've ever read, but ...they are good,
worthwhile, and thought provoking.
Bonnie Halfpenny, Children's Librarian
Ironwood Library, Phoenix

I am taking a juvenile lit graduate level course this summer.
Much discussion has been directed toward the Potter books.
Last week one student brought one to class, and my reaction was: ok,
sadistic witchcraft series"  I may be wrong.
I was not taken back by the book's beginning, but I have not finished
any of the books to know if I want to encourage any more of this theme to
middle school students
One grad-student mentioned reading a  New York Times article interviewing
young adult book publishers.  She paraphrased the publishers to be saying
that they are publishing MORE AND MORE witchcraft, sorcery, murder, etc in
the year to come becasue that is what SELLS.
Surely we can offer our young people something more in the way of
"literature" than evil themes.  Classics have undoubltedly used the
plot successfully,  but in original literary style.

 ...most Christians...
believe that people are free souls who can read and enjoy books like the
Harry Potter series without corrupting themselves. I am a Christian and a
Roman Catholic. Most of the students in my school are Roman Catholics. I
will have multiple copies of each title and my students will enjoy them as
did.   I am deeply concerned about libraries that restrict the titles
students can read based on a biased point of view of even the great
of community members. If you are at a public school, I really do not
your point of view.
Bob Laramee
Arvin High School Librarian
Arvin, CA 93203

Shereen West, Librarian
Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Middle School

"God is Love and the one who abides in love abides in God and God abides in
him. 1 John 4:16

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