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I'm a librarian at a Catholic school and I have no qualms about having
Harry in
the library.  It's important to remember that this is fantasy and
not a how-to-manual on witchcraft.  If we look for witches everywhere, most
our fairy tales would be banned.  Ultimately you have to do what's right
your population, but some people overreact or perceive evil where it really
doesn't exist.  In my school, I'm more concerned about the many excellent
books that have foul language.  This should be an interesting discussion.
Rosanne Zajko - SLMS
Ancillae-Assumpta Academy
Wyncote, Pa.

I consider myself a Christian...  I loved
the Potter books... I have them all, waiting for my 5 and 6 year old
grandchildren to be old enough to enjoy them.  They are fun stories...
but more than that, I think they are very much in the mold of the Narnia
 Chronicles... good vs evil.  They could have been told with any
setting, though they would not have been as much fun without the magic.
I'm so glad to hear you are reading them yourself... only you can make a
judgement for purchases for your media center...
Jonny Trotti
Media Coordinator
Anson High School
Wadesboro, NC

 Many of the comments that I
have received have said that they have parents who don't want their
children reading the books and when they are read aloud, one or two
children go elswhere during reading time.
One said that a priest in her diocese wrote a review and he *loved* the
books.  He said there was nothing objectionable, and all have said that
it is a battle between good and evil.
--Betty Dawn Hamilton, LRS * mailto:bhamilt@worldnet.att.net
Historian, Terry County Historical Commission
Librarian, TEXAS LIBRARY JOURNAL Contributing Editor
911 East Oak Street, Brownfield, Texas 79316

 I understand that in a
Christian school system, the reins must be a little tighter in terms of
selection,etc.  However, whatever happened to fantasy, imagination, and the

right to read for pleasure?
The Harry Potter stories are just that...stories.  Children do think about
wizardry, sorcery, and even witchcraft, despite the teachings of any church

of any denomination.  Please read the book before you make any decision.
Do you have the Chronicles of Narnia on your shelf?  Or anything
by Madeleine L'Engle.  I hope so.  Rowlings books are no better or
worse...just plain fun!
Sherry Wilk
Media Specialist
Frank C. Martin Elem.
Miami, FL.

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