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Dear Fello LM_Netters,
        My first-born, my daughter, is going off to college in two weeks.
We want to purchase a computer for her but don't want to put too much into
the purchase.  The computer will be in a dorm room and will probably be
used by several people so we don't want to have to spend too much but want
the most for our buck, so to speak. We have seen the new emachines
everywhere and they seem to be the best buy especially if we can get the
rebates in place. Does anyone have any experience with these machines? Is a
machine with 32MBSyncDRAM memory and a 3.2 gigabyte hard drive going to be
enough for her? She will be word processing, databasing, and working on
spreadsheets most of the time. She will also have access to the Internet
for research. She may even produce a HyperStudio stack from time to time.
Does anyone have a clue? Several of the teachers at my school are in the
same boat, so I told them that we would ask the people on LM_Net as see if
anyone can give us an answer. We know what the salespeople will say when we
go to buy. Thank you for taking the time to answer this question.
Carolyn Dietz, Media Coordinator

Reeds Elementary School
791 S. NC Hwy 150
Lexington, NC, 27295

email: reeds@infoave.net
Subject: C. Dietz

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