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I am the librarian of a small (1A) 7-12 high school and I really need to know
this before I go back on Thursday.

We are moving into a new school building, so I have the opportunity to
conveniently try something new in my shelf arrangements.  We have a lot of
paperback books, all shelved in a separate section, and many kids completely
ignore everything else in the library.  Would it help to shelve the
paperbacks in with the other books?  I would need at some point to make new
labels for the paperbacks because now they are labeled only with the first
letter of the author's last name--but I'll do it if it would help.  It may be
relevant for you to know that I have an adult aide for half a day, no student
aides as far as I know.  Also, we are NOT automated and NOT online, and won't
be in the foreseeable future.  I'm trying!
     Possible good points--exposure of students to other books--all books by
particular author together--easier shelving?
     Possible drawbacks--losing paperbacks in the "depths"?--any others?

Please send thoughts to me direct.  I just got back from vacation and am
having trouble getting back on the list.  TIA for your help!  I will post a
hit if anyone is interested!

Cindy Denning
Librarian, Ponder High School, TX

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