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    I posted several weeks ago about starting a reading/book group/club in
my library.  Many people wrote to me saying that they were very interested
in reading groups also, but I only received one hit concerning actual
reading groups.  It mentioned that the books should be interesting and short
and that they appeal to boys and girls.  Also, there was concern that kids
wouldn't have the time or desire to read in their spare time.
    These were all concerns of mine also, but I am still optimistic that it
will work.  I did a little research on my own and discovered the following
books at my local library.  The following titles are geared for adult
reading groups, but I thought many of the ideas could be applied to a High
School reading group.  I even got excited about starting my own with some

_The Reading Group Handbook_ by Rachel W. Jacobsohn
    **Excellent...gives all of the basics and answers common questions.

_The Book Group Book_ by Ellen Slezak
    **Gives more examples of how actual reading groups run.

_What to Read_ by Mickey Pearlman Ph.D.

    I am going to give Reading Groups a try.  I'll let you know how it turns
out!  One never knows until one tries!  :-)

Angie Wieneke, Media Specialist
Columbus East High School
Columbus, IN

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