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In addition to my reading group post, I also asked how I could get kids into
the library.  I thought I would do a weekly trivia contest and give small
prizes.  Several people wrote to me with additional ideas:
    One way to get more kids into the library is to offer the facility to
teacher/advisors of clubs for meetings before or after school, such as chess
club, language clubs, etc.  Just letting them know that you are open and
friendly goes a long way.  You might also try trivia or logic questions,
posting answers the next dayor the end of the week.  I did this in a high
school in the south.
Jenny Baltes
Grassy Creek Elementary School
Indianapolis, IN
One simple thing we did was to put out a magnetic poetry board right up at
the checkout desk.  I had put it out for April poetry month purposes, but
when it was recieved so enthusiastically I left it out and it got tons of
(yes, you have to remove certain words- just think like a teenage boy).  I
liked the way it encouraged students to hang out near us- it led to random
discussions and more connection.  Same with keeping our current newspapers
right on the circulation counter.
Karen Jordan, Library Media Specialist
Staples High School
Westport  CT
At our high school library, I have a Question of the Month.  Some questions
- Why do stars twinkle?
- What is the aurora borealis?
-  Match the authors to their literary works.
-  A question about  current events
-  A seasonal question - Do vampire bats really suck blood?

I have a box, with a slit in the top, for students to place their answer
with their name and homeroom number on the slip of paper.  I, also, post the
question throughout the school with some clip art.  I give gift certificates
for Dairy Queen or Burger King - $1.00.
Sue Dwars
I'm sure I will keep getting ideas.  I will post anything else I recieve.

Angie Wieneke, Media Specialist
Columbus East High School
Columbus, IN

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