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How prepared are we...

What changes do you see as necessary for your school library to be prepared
for meeting the information needs of your teachers and students in the 21st

Shirley Huett, Librarian
Quintanilla Middle School, Dallas, TX

Here are the responses I received.  Thanks for your input.

I think that we are pretty ready.  We are opening a new facility with this
school year and I think that our online and other resources are quite good.
Michele Missner
Program Leader, Library Media Services
Appleton Area School District

I think that in the next century, librarians will be "gatekeepers". As a
gatekeeper, a librarian will need the expertise to guide patrons to the
information that they need. This means that the librarian will need to become
more techy, as well as more in tune to users needs.

I recently read an article that discussed the changing role of the reference
librarian. Where once it was improper to ask for additional information when
aiding patrons, this article stated that it is time that Ref Librarians need
to be careful to hear the unspoken as well as spoken messages and ask for
additional information is possible. Through this approach the librarian can
help a client get to the route of the question and hopefully allow the patron
to get an answer.

School Media generalists lay the foundation for a person's life long library
experience and information seeking behaviors. What a responsibility!

Sharon Flesher
Fisk Elementary

Navigating the web and locating quality websites is more difficult as each
day goes by. My goal is to set up a library webpage connected with the best
links in a quick and easy format, and also to catalog websites within my
opac (I'm using Winnebago Spectrum). The opac will also be available to the
classrooms via our school LAN.

Also to continue to help kids decide which is the BEST, FASTEST, MOST
RELIABLE resource for their particular need.


MORE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Wende
Royal Oaks Elementary School
K-12 Library Media Director
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

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