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We're always looking for new ways to meet our teachers needs.  I'd like to
get a composite of ideas that will guide me when I try to get teachers
(reluctant and otherwise) to use that wonderful new CD-ROM, or the LCD panel,
or the laser disk player.
How do you encourage your teachers to utilize the technology you have
available in your library?

Shirley Huett, Librarian
Quintanilla Middle School, Dallas, TX

Here are some wonderful ideas to pass along!

During faculty meetings I bring them out and show them off.  My principal
also lets me showcase any items I'd like.  During these faculty meetings we
use PowerPoint presentations and the new LCD projector.  Before starting I
give my commercial.  Things really started moving after I started that.  It
only takes a few minutes and really shows off our "stuff".
<A HREF="mailto:mitchell_l1@popmail.firn.edu">mitchell_l1@popmail.firn.edu</A>

Hi. You can look at our "Teaching Through Technology" web site which,
together with the video series it accompanies, was created to share the
ideas of teachers who are already using technology in their classsrooms with
others. LMC specialists, technology integrators and others who do
professional development in our state use the site and series to give
teachers ideas and generate excitement about trying new things. People who
have used the series have told me that it really helps for their teachers to
see colleagues who are actually using technology because then they feel like
they can do it too. You can search by technology or by curriculum area to
find ideas for your teachers.
Peggy Garties
Multimedia Analyst
Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

Shirley, I have found that it always helps to demonstrate any new programs,
etc. at a general faculty meeting. If all teachers can see how things work,
they may be more receptive to using it. Also, it helps to use other teachers
who have had success with the programs for promotion and talking about them
in the faculty lounges, etc.
marrmandy@hotmail.com (Mandy Salter)

Well for one thing you need to do show and tell. A brief inservice (with a
promise of more training for anyone interested) or a showoff of the product
during a staff meeting, usually gets a few people. The other prong is to
get one teacher who is interested and help them really get it going with
their class. Once they rave about it to the others, other people won't want
the one person hogging all the real estate, and will begin to jockey for
time with it.
ghodur@redshift.com (Gayle Hodur)

 Hi Shirley,
    I work at a large high school...almost 2000 students with around 120
faculty. Each year I do a day where I close the library to all students
and have it open to only faculty and staff. I set up displays of
EVERYTHING. I provide FOOD, :-). I advertise this through the teachers
mailboxes ahead of time to let them know when this is being done. During
their prep or lunch they come to the library and browse, experiment,
chat with me about what they are doing in the classroom. This works
great. If I sit with them and help them learn how to do a new skill, I
give them "hours" for this-they have to accumulate 5 hours every 3 years
using technology in order to keep their teacher certification.
    Hope this helps.
Terry Villemure
Manchester High School West
Manchester, NH 03102

Dear Shirley,
        The most effective way I have found to do it is when working on a
research project with a class.  I ask permission to use the laser disk or a
CD-Rom with them during a library visit.  When the teacher sees how much it
adds, they are usually willing to try it on their own later.
jamieb@dcn.davis.ca.us (Jamie Boston)

If it's an issue of "afraid to use it" the best thing to do is to get it
into their hands (salesmen know if they get it in your hands, you'll most
likely buy it!). Do this by using it yourself when their class is there,
begin the lesson/demonstration, then asking them to "take over for just a
moment while I do . . ." (be sure to plan ahead with a good ploy!).
Later, show them other similar items that go along with their classroom
studies, and offer to help them.
Joanne Ladewig
Information Center Director
Fairgrove Academy
(a K-8 public school focusing on the Visual and Performing Arts, and
La Puente, CA

The only thing that I have found to work was to prick a teacher's
interest and than place the technology in her/his classroom for three or
more months.
Charles L. Kindgren  Media-Librarian recently retired Faribault, MN

It is a constant showing...I have an open house in the fall, where not only
books are displayed, but actual CD-Roms, multimedia software, videos, etc.
The teachers are able to browse and sign-out materials.  When that doesn't
work, I offer inservice programs, or slip the CD-Rom on when their class is
in doing research for a specific project.  The kids usually use the programs,
and the teachers find out about it later...
Pam Schembri
Highview Elem.
Nanuet Public Schools, NY

I usually volunteer to help them use the equipment the first time they use it.
Pat Wende
Royal Oaks Elementary School
K-12 Library Media Director
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

I've had the most success when I've modeled the use of
the technology for the teacher, with the students,
during their research.  After a few years, they feel
they can do it themselves and then you can work on the
next "upcoming thing".  I generally run the equipment
and leave the teacher free to tie in what's going on
to what she's doing in the classroom.

I've also been know to teach students, then there is
an in-classroom expert.
Kristine Werkheiser
Library Media Specialist
Orville A. Todd Middle School
Spackenkill Union Free School District

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