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Harry Willems wrote:

> The school administration must be made aware of the incredible handicap that
> your students labor under.  You might be better off to see if some school in the
> U.S. is getting their readers guide on CD and could let you have a print copy.
> There is little or no excuse for shortchanging students and the library by not
> funding the most basic of resources.

I agree that this is a critical need.  I know the person who posted the original
question said they could not afford Reader's Guide, but it is only about $200 for
the paper copy.  I would highly recommend spending the money for this instead of
something else for a while, if need be, then campaign for a few more dollars in
your budget to cover it.  I think that would be better than hoping to get a paper
copy off of someone's CD version of the product (and more legal).  Consider going
to the community for a sponsor for the product.  You might get it donated by a
local business!   Good luck!

Jana-Ruth Achbach, LIS
Arvada High School
Arvada, CO   80004

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