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Frederick (and all)

It is NOT a ploy to get you to subscribe next year. It is a program
run by the Smithsonian where subscribers pay most of a subscription
and the Smithonian picks up the rest for school and public libraries.
If the subscriber continues to participate in the program,  you keep
getting the magazine.  How do I know this. We participate and have
donated again. The list of receiving libraries is the same as last

Dan Robinson
Indexing Services
H. W. Wilson Company
Bronx, NY

On  3 Aug 99 at 13:03, Frederick Muller wrote:

> Today I dropped in at school and in the mail was a copy of
> Smithsonian Magazine with a postcard saying that (so and so) has
> sponsored my library for a free year's subscription to the
> Smithsonian.  I called the person (two towns over) and thanked her
> also asking why she chose my library.  She said that she did not.
> She gave money to the "adopt a library" program through
> Smithsonian and they chose me.  It was nice (obviously a ploy to
> get me to reorder next year) and I thanked her very much.  Has
> anyone else gotten this?
> ***
> Frederick Muller
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> FAX (973) 383-7432             Newton, NJ   07860
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> My book reviews are compiled at:
> http://www.halsted.org/br.htm

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