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Thanks to everyone who sent me ideas for new read-aloud books or themes
to use during the upcoming school year.  I appreciate hearing what has
worked in other schools...especially when I am K-12 and don't spend as
much time as I should in the elementary building.

Recommended titles were:
Ghost of Sifty Sifty Sam

For beginning the school year last September, I used Kevin Henkes'
books for the whole month - Chrysanthemum, Owen, Lilly's Purple Plastic
Purse, and Julius, Baby of the World.  The first graders loved them,
identified with the problems and liked the repetition in the language.
wanted more when the month was over. Also, our state has a new K-3
children's book award, voted on by students. I read the nominated titles
throughout the year as they fit with seasons, holidays, units.
Favorites were Livingstone Mouse (Columbus Day), Lost
(desert unit), Lunch Bunnies (school cafeteria manners), Roses are Pink,
Your Feet Really Stink (Valentine's Day), Too Many Pumpkins (Halloween).
  Other recent favorites: Sam and the Tigers - K loved this one so much
acted it out, Harry Potter's Balloon Farm, Tops and Bottoms, Courtney.

I would like to share a for the fun of it read-aloud that I used with
Kindergarten last year.  I read No, David ! by David Shannon(underliner
isn't working)  This book required me to say "No; No, David; and David"
several times with different expression.  They enjoyed saying "no"
The children enjoyed talking about naughty things that they did(do).
pictures literally made them scream with laughter!

This may be one that you've already seen, but I'm not at school, so
is no way to check the copyright date.  "Don't laugh Joe" by Keiko Kasza

also "Little Red Cowboy Hat", by Randy Cecil,  both were up for the NC
Children's Book Award.

I can recommend two books for  2nd graders for you:  LIBRARY LIL -
Suzanne Williams & WOLF - Becky Bloom.

Ducky by Eve Bunting has become a favorite.  Any of the Robert Munsch
(sp is wrong?)books are great...the kids love Moira's Birthday.  The old
book Fortunatley by Remy Charlip remains a favorite.  Chocolatina is a
new favorite I can't remember who that is by...a hit would be great!

One I've always liked that could be incorporated into a unit on homes in
social studies or a unit on individuality is Daniel Pinkwater's "Big
Orange Splot."  Kids can design their own homes, can study what makes a
home across many cultures and with many different ideas, and tell and
demonstrate their own ideas of what makes a home.

I have used the theme of flight in the spring time.  We read "Paper
Airplane" by Testa (?), "Flight" - the book about Lindberg's flight over
Atlantic (the author eludes me at the moment, but it has wonderful
illustrations), "The Wing Shop" by Elvira Woodruff.  The last day, we
paper airplanes and fly them on the playground.  Sometimes I can't do
last activity - it really depends on the behavior of the class.

We also study Cynthia Rylant.  Watch the video and read as many of her
as we can.  I always get a few Henry and Mudge converts on this one.

I like most of all to do author studies.  That way the children begin
for books by certain authors.

I love Lisa Campbell Ernst.  I'm reading Bubba and Trixie to 1-3 right
Last year her duuke the Dairy Delight Dog won Missouri's Show Me Award.
also like Cook a Doodle Do by Janet Stevens.  The humor is broad enough
even the first graders.

I used "The Kissing Hand" with first graders last year at the first
class of the year.  They really liked it and everyone wanted to check it
out.  I didn't do any kind of an activity but you could do something
they draw their hand and put a heart on it for a kiss and give to mom or

    I also used "Back to school with Rotten Ralph" for the second grade.

Thanks again.
Char Krahling

Char Krahling
K-12 Media Coordinator
Sioux Center Community School
550 9th Street NE
Sioux Center IA 51250

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