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Hello from Phoenix, Arizona

   Peter Milbury is one of the most innovative individuals I have had the
pleasure to meet and LM-Net is a wonderful site for all of it's 10,000
members. It gives me the opportunity to learn what your needs, interests and
future plans are and to pass them on to my clients in the Phoenix area.

  I am a Library Consultant and Customer Service Representative from a book
service wholesales store here in Phoenix, Gardner's Book Service. Gardner's
has been serving school, educators and librarians for 15 years. I joined
this wonderful family owned business last year to assist librarians around
the state of Arizona. I have a teaching certificate and MLS and have been
extremely interested in the vendor/client relationship of publishing,
library services and school curriculum.

  LM-Net encourages us to look to the future, solve problems, brainstorm and
express the  wonderful service orientated talents we have with all of it's
members.  I have learned a lot from all of you and I do try to help answer
questions and make suggestions as I can.  Each time I visit a librarian I
suggest they join and encourage them to be participants in this wonderful

   I have also found that many of the vendor's and publishers we deal with
are so helpful with answering our needs and are concerned with working at
making every step of our professional obligations a joy. Companies that can
do on-site retroconversions for those without shelf lists, others who
develop wonderful electronic on-line services for cataloging and information
needs.  Publishers who are truly involved with expanding curriculum
materials beyond the textbook for the unique educational needs of all our
students and the numerous vendors who are constantly moving with us
hand-in-hand to help us serve our clients. I also admire individuals like
our own LM-Net member Frederick Muller for his wonderful book reviews.

 Thank you for allowing me to Un-Lurk today... I am off to visit an
group of Curriculum directors and high school librarians, who are starting a
unique alternative learning program for at risk students in 7-12 grades here
in Arizona.  We will have lots of ideas to share and thanks to the talents
of this group I feel I can share information that involves the scope of what
is happening across the nation and with insight to the role of the library,
educators and vendors in this endeavor.

Jeannette M. Croft
Gardner's Book Services
16461 N. 25th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ  85023
(602) 863-6000   www.gbsbooks.com
jcroft@gbsbooks.com or jmcroft@msn.com

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