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HIT: Character Education ResourcesJob: NYC only 06/30/99 Shonda Brisco Stephanie Benson <sbenson@INTERPORT.NET>
Australian Net censor law passes (fwd) 06/30/99 Andy Carvin
Harry Potter 06/30/99 Janet Ahern
Technology and Teachers 06/30/99 Karen Solomon
brochures 06/30/99 Rachel Woodyer
Book Search, Too! 06/30/99 farmatti
FW: challenge of Yolonda's Genius 06/30/99 Barbara McElfish
FW: Yolanda's Genius 06/30/99 Barbara McElfish
REF: Book? Dangerous Game? 06/30/99 Yapha Mason
No Subject 06/30/99 Leslie Effman
Cooperative Leaning 06/30/99 Leslie Effman
Job: CedarVale, Ks 07/01/99 glassmaid
Target: sentence structure/grammar 07/01/99 Caroline Petersen
GEN: How to check email on vacation 07/01/99 Bonnie LaClave
SEC->Magazine Database-NEWSBANK 07/01/99 Murry or Saranne Gans
Re: red pepper jelly 07/01/99 Gordon Riley
Feds to turn webpages into propaganda machines? 07/01/99 Gordon Riley
Announcement of New American Memory Collection 07/01/99 danna bell-russel
Lomax Collection now available on American Memory 07/01/99 danna bell-russel
Re: red pepper jelly 07/01/99 T. K. Cassidy
Pers: Martie Mullenbach 07/01/99 T. K. Cassidy
Gen:Target: Quality elists and listserves 07/01/99 Susan Brown
Job Opening : TX 07/01/99 Vickye Drury
HIT: checking email while on vacation 07/01/99 Bonnie LaClave
HIT: Cataloging websites 07/01/99 Kathleen O'Brien
GEN: Athena questions 07/01/99 Carol Wheat
Signing off...and thanks 07/01/99 Lynn Henry
Hit:WebFerret 07/01/99 Gordon Riley
TECH: Hewlett Packard Printer Deskjet 680C 07/01/99 Connie Welch
Gen : Card Making program 07/01/99 Joe Haskovec
Re: Gen:Target: Quality elists and listserves 07/01/99 Susan Brown
To interview a Principal candidate 07/02/99 julie long
Re: GEN: EL-ANNOUNCE EXPLANATION 07/02/99 Peter Milbury
Subject Heading: Russia 07/02/99 Frederick Muller
Another Book Search 07/02/99 Lizz Timmons
ELEM: Help with book title 07/02/99 Tony L. Pope
get off list 07/02/99 Mary Lou McDowell
Percentage of High School collections in Fiction 07/02/99 Wall, Barbara
HIT: Young Readers Programs, Part 1 07/02/99 Nancy Badertscher Nancy Badertscher <badertn@ROCKBRIDGE.NET>
Moving IE bookmarks to Netscape 07/02/99 Madeline L. Buchanan
Re: Expectations of Principals? 07/02/99 Barbara Jinkins
HP Deskjet 680C--Thanks! 07/02/99 Connie Welch
Hit: Computer Lab Monitoring 07/02/99 Sharon Mabe
Overhead Projector Bulbs 07/02/99 Mary Ann Shaffer
GEN:Research Question 07/02/99 Kevin T. Clement
Target: picture of German women's clothing 07/02/99 janet heilman
Re: Traditional German Dresses--Dirndkleider 07/02/99 Shonda Brisco
Re: ALA Program Book 07/02/99 Kerby - Ramona N.
New Art Books needed 07/02/99 MaryAnn Hensarling
Hit: Library maintenance Part 1 of 5 07/02/99 miriam travis
Hit; Library maintenance Part 2 of 5 07/02/99 miriam travis
Hit: Library Maintenance Part 3 of 5 07/02/99 miriam travis
Hit: Library Maintenance Part 4 of 5 07/02/99 miriam travis
Hit: Library maintenance Part 5 of 5 07/02/99 miriam travis
Target: "control" computer software 07/03/99 Joanne E. Ladewig
Where is Theodore Taylor/The Cay author? 07/03/99 Rosemary Leonard
No Subject 07/03/99 No Author
BOOK: The maze by Will Hobbs 07/03/99 Frederick Muller
SEC: Elem. to H.S. interview help! Please! 07/03/99 Lawrence Newton
Tech: Win 98 computer activity software 07/03/99 Angus Saunders
Gen: Do standardized test scores improve when using the ARP? 07/03/99 Laura Reeb
gen: Artwaxer & Happy Virus 07/03/99 Judy Seck
Tech: Happy99 virus - one way to get rid of 07/03/99 Judy Seck
research on student use of library media centers 07/03/99 Lisa Williams
Internet Phone 07/03/99 Madeline L. Buchanan
TARGET: Seeking an expert in music theory 07/03/99 Mary Ann Bell
MUSIC CD-ROM 07/03/99 Nancy A. Noack
children's books for library orientation lesson 07/04/99 Linda Nadrowski
Re: LM_NET Digest - 3 Jul 1999 to 4 Jul 1999 07/04/99 George Diek
Toni Buzzeo email reply 07/04/99 Jean B. Bellavance
ELEM: Kidpix Ideas 07/04/99 Wanda Nall
ELEM: Newspaper publishing 07/04/99 Wanda Nall
Re: ELEM: Newspaper publishing 07/04/99 Jane Coffey
Re: Tech: Win 98 computer activity software 07/04/99 George Bynum
NY ONLY: P/T JOB 07/04/99 Ann Chase
BOOK: Changing tunes by Napoli 07/04/99 Frederick Muller
Elem: Computer Teacher Job Description 07/04/99 Anne Anderson
1st Grade Lib. Prog. Ideas 07/04/99 J Shild
TARGET: Seeking two attitude scales for research 07/04/99 Mary Ann Bell
Grateful Musician's Mom + site for writers 07/04/99 Mary Ann Bell
Summer Activities 07/05/99 Phyllis Roche
GEN: Research on Feedback 07/05/99 Kathy Geronzin
REF: Info on pros and cons of Accelerated Reader 07/05/99 Martha Ritter
Re: children's books for library orientation lesson 07/05/99 Cheryl Sturgeon
BOOK: The education of Robert Nifkin by Pinkwater 07/05/99 Frederick Muller
"Why Mosquitoes. . ." 07/05/99 Martha Clement
Re: World Book's New Student Discovery Encyclopedia 07/05/99 Clyde Robichaux
Hit: Do standardized test scores improve when using the ARP? 07/05/99 Laura Reeb
TECH : RNAAPP 07/05/99 Della McAlister
TECH: Ray Dream 3D 07/05/99 Gordon Walter
Target: What are your favorite K-5 books to use with lessonplans 07/05/99 J Brown
Salaries 07/05/99 Gail Wilhelm
GEN: Apologies and New Book Announcement 07/05/99 Toni Buzzeo
Seeking book title 07/05/99 Michele L Pava
HIT: AR suggestions if you are just starting out. 07/05/99 Jan Creasey
TARGET: Adult Literacy 07/06/99 Lizz Timmons
PowerPoint in the curriculum--need some help 07/06/99 Work743244
TARGET: Tech. Planning 07/06/99 Molly Clark
Research Survey 07/06/99 Kevin T. Clement
Target: Schedule- Will this work? 07/06/99 Nichols

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