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Target: Email access in Europe 07/06/99 Joanne E. Ladewig
Tech->Winnebago Spectrum New Services & Software 07/06/99 Murry or Saranne Gans
Children's books for library orientation 07/06/99 Bonnie Stauffacher
SEC: Accelerated Reader 07/06/99 kaTe
Re: LM_NET Digest - 2 Jul 1999 - Special issue 07/06/99 Sher Swanby
HIT: k12 reference collection interview 07/06/99 Sandee Ragusa
TARGET: Author of poem "The Edge" 07/06/99 Carol Ebel
Target: State systems and schools systems 07/06/99 Konnie Wightman
Hit: High School Fiction % 07/06/99 Barbara Wall
HIT: Email access in Europe 07/06/99 Joanne E. Ladewig
Poetic devices 07/06/99 Sue M St. Ann
Re: Target: Email access in Europe 07/06/99 Madeline L. Buchanan
Poem: Come to the Edge 07/06/99 F. Douglas Knight
more hits: PowerPoint 07/06/99 Work743244
Target:Afro-Am. Babysitters Club 07/06/99 Sue M St. Ann
HIT: Historical value of a dollar 07/06/99 michele missner
Re: REF: Info on pros and cons of Accelerated Reader 07/06/99 Criser Family
New Library Media Teacher credential program 07/06/99 Liz Dodds
Re: Summer Activities 07/06/99 Irwin - Maureen S.
Re: Roland Smith 07/06/99 uthoff
TARGET: Monthly Information 07/06/99 Joanne Bongaarts
GEN: APPRECIATE THE HELP! 07/06/99 Lillie Haynes
HIT: "Control" computer software 07/07/99 Joanne E. Ladewig
HIT: MORE Email access in Europe 07/07/99 Joanne E. Ladewig
World Book Encyclopedia (current price) 07/07/99 Anna M. Sloan
Cataloging: Subject headings 07/07/99 Frederick Muller
SEC: Price of WilsonWeb? 07/07/99 Bonnie Fulmer
What is your policy with student access to library? 07/07/99 Marv
St. Louis Trip 07/07/99 Robie Martin
MIDDLE: Grammar software 07/07/99 Zsiray
HIT: Kidpix with primary 07/07/99 Wanda Nall
TECH: Purchase More Memory 07/07/99 Wanda Nall
Jobs: California Resource 07/07/99 Sandra Richards
LMC Facility Planning 07/07/99 Gwen Whitaker
GEN: Teacher Scholarship Opp 07/07/99 Debra Kilcup
GEN: Recipe Program 07/07/99 Debra Kilcup
"Slake's Limbo" 07/07/99 Andrea Mandel
New media specialist needing help 07/07/99 Greg and Julie
[Fwd: Inflation calculators] 07/07/99 michele missner
GEN:Computer Use in classroom asailed 07/07/99 Josephine Dervan
HIT: Media Schedule - Fix & Flex -LONG 07/07/99 Nichols
Proxy Server 07/07/99 Barnhart, Kevin
TARGET: Art slides 07/07/99 Laura Pearle
Re: San Francisco 07/07/99 Susan Burstein
HIT:k12 reference collection interview (very long)1/2 07/07/99 Sandee Ragusa
HIT:k12 reference collection interview (very long)2/2 07/07/99 Sandee Ragusa
Re: AR Hints on starting Part 1 07/08/99 Jan Creasey
Re: AR Hints for starting Part 2 07/08/99 Jan Creasey
Re: AR Hints for starting part 3 07/08/99 Jan Creasey
ELEM: LMC Handbook Ideas 07/08/99 Bob & Wendy
Stadium Cards 07/08/99 Paula Galland
Target: Multiple Copies 07/08/99 Nancy Westendorf
Replacing TK (Heavy sigh) 07/08/99 T. K. Cassidy
Schedule 07/08/99 Ginny Beall
Target: Professional resource collection 07/08/99 Kevin T. Clement
TECH: Group-Wise 07/08/99 Nadine Lipman
Other ways to check your e-mail 07/08/99 Svetlana Foley
Name authority discrepancies 07/08/99 Roe,Kevin
TARGET: Math Software 07/08/99 Jewel E. Jackson
General: Sites in NYC 07/08/99 Lois Smits
Privacy Issue 07/08/99 Sandy Pomerantz
Target: Monthly Calendars/Ideas 07/08/99 Joanne Bongaarts
Re: Privacy Issue 07/08/99 Jane Coffey
Re: privacy issue 07/08/99 Nancy Voltmer
Re: NAF error 07/08/99 Roe,Kevin
Target: Channel One 07/08/99 Nancy Kaluza
Favor for Guest Teacher 07/08/99 Sandy Pomerantz
TECH: Web site hosting 07/08/99 MARY JO GODWIN
new media specialist 07/08/99 Tiffani De L Eveille
Making of American Project 07/08/99 michele missner
REF: Search site just for Literary Sources/Bob Green Column 07/09/99 Heidi Rawson-Ketchum
Articles on LM programs written by non-library professionals 07/09/99 Janel Watson
REF: Search site just for Literary Sources/Bob Green Column 07/09/99 Josephine Dervan
GEN: margins on down loaded e-mail 07/09/99 Jean B. Bellavance
Digital cameras 07/09/99 Madeline L. Buchanan
Johnny Rebeck?(old childrens song) 07/09/99 Jane Russell
TARGET: Elementary grade Mock Caldecotts 07/09/99 Kathleen Odean
JOBS: CA 07/09/99 Liz Dodds
HIT: evaluation a HS collection 07/09/99 Craig Jenkins
TARGET: Author or illustrator units 07/09/99 Betty Klein
TARGET:Illinois teachers only-Caudell Award units 07/09/99 Betty Klein
Learning Resources Certificate in Houston, TX 07/09/99 Lisa Moellering
TARGET: New school opening med-year 07/09/99 Betty Matejowsky
GEN: Libraries and the Digital Divide (fwd) 07/09/99 Peter Milbury
Morris's Disappearing Bag Original Art 07/09/99 Jeanette Larson
GEN: Compuserve?? 07/09/99 Eddie and Donna O'Briant
HIT: Professional Resources 07/09/99 Kevin T. Clement
Seeking advice on dicipline 07/09/99 SARA A. THOMPSON
Utilization of media assistants 07/09/99 Sylvia Seawell
margins in email 07/09/99 Jean B. Bellavance
Yard Sale Fortune 07/09/99 Mary Ludwick
Favorite Book Activities/Readership Promo at middle school level 07/10/99 Sheila Di Maggio
SSR 07/10/99 Phyllis Roche
Re: interface for t.v's and computers 07/10/99 Eileen Spillane
BOOK: Slot Machine by Lynch 07/10/99 Frederick Muller
Seeking book Title 07/10/99 Michele L Pava
FYI 07/10/99 Kathy Graves
Jump Magazine 07/10/99 Irwin - Maureen S.
Re: Jump Magazine 07/10/99 Anna Russell

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