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Thanks to all who responded to my request for information on MARC tags to
use in adding local data when cataloging websites.  The two responses that
best meet my needs are listed below:

There is a product called MARCit that is available now - it is a
software that will automatically put website information in the
appropriate MARC tags when it is activated while at the site. It is
coming with my Athena software in a few days and I have seen it
advertised in SLJ. The demo was pretty impressive and it only costs

I'm not totally sure of all of it, but I don't think that 655 is what you
want.  That's more for genre: science fiction, horror, etc.
500 is a notes field
690 is a local subject field (that is, used just in your school and not
or try one of the following for better help:

Follett software also has a good guide and their website gives good
information as well.

I use the MARC Authority Format guide by Follett ($59.95)a lot. It sits by
the computer workstation - is arranged by MARC numbers, has good examples,
very convenient. They also have a Bibliographic Format guide for the same
Get the actual USMARC manuals from LC. Working from the condensed
formats is not good enough.
The MARC homepage: http://www.loc.gov/marc

Understanding MARC records is published on the Web at:

Join the USMARC email discussion list. Addresses and instructions are at

Join the Autocat discussion list. It is a list specifically for catalogers.
It has a WWW page at "http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/units/cts/autocat"

Kathleen O'Brien, LMS <obrien@neca.com>
Killingly High Library, Danielson, CT

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