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The url is www.ferretsoft.com.  The ferrets are programs that simultaneousl=
y search numerous search sights for information.  The webferret searches =
words, phrases and full boolean.  Since the search engine site may not =
cooperate, the ferret hitlist includes a percentage ranking of how close =
to the search term the found pages actually are.  You can also preview the =
first lines of any page on the hitlist without any delay, and save =
searches for later perusal.  There are also ferrets for phone numbers, =
email addresses, usenet, information directories and irc.  The whole =
package was less than $50 when I bought it.  There is a free trial version =
that does not support full boolean and tries fewer search engines.  I have =
tested it on difficult searches against Hotbot, Alta Vista, Northern =
Lights and Dogpile, and the ferrets results are consistently superior.  I =
have also tested it against competing software such as Webwolf and =
Copernic, and found it vastly superior.  I have even found information I =
didn't really think I could find, but tried anyway.  It is very fast and =
easily runs unattended.  The only problem is that it really hogs system =
resources and bandwidth, so you can't do much online while the ferret is =
actually searching

Gordon Riley
Electronic Resources Librarian
Mercersburg Academy
Mercersburg, PA
The opinions expressed are my own!

"It's all about sincerity.  Once you can fake that, you've got it made."  =
Former NFL Head Coach Monte Clark.

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