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Hit: Library Maintenance Part 4 of 5

I take this opportunity to thank my colleagues on the Net for sharing
information on library cleaning.  The volume of responses overwhelmed me.
To add to my dilemma, I am not good with statistics so I have chosen this
format for the HIT.  I have cut and pasted in order to retain the spirit in
which the comments were made.

10. How often and by whom are your library books cleaned?

-     by myself and my student aides (I have no paid aide) on an as-needed
-     I plan to take in a vacuum and vacuum the back edge of the books then
flip them up and vacuum the top edge.
-     when they circulate
-     If a book comes in dirty and it can be cleaned someone on the library
staff cleans it before it goes on the shelf
-    The books NEVER get cleaned
-    Never
-    Never
-    Our books were cleaned professionally this past fall due to mildew
problems, but generally this is done on an as needed basis also -  I or
volunteer aide clean books as it is noted that they need it. I don't believe
the other librarian ever does this.
-    my adult aide and I --as we notice the need
-   Never! If a book is too dirty to circulate I would toss it
-   Never . I hope you have better luck, it's very discouraging and they
are often very dusty.
-    If a book is found with gum or chew in it or writing etc., then my
adult staff or I take care of cleaning these.
-   When I asked about dusting the shelves and the books, I was told that
that is two hours overtime work and that overtime work had been eliminated
-    I do this once each year at the end right before doing the inventory.
You can't stand to do the inventory if you don't clean the books first. It
is a major job!
-    I clean books as they are returned only if they require cleaning.  I
also clean other books as I do repairs.  In the first library I worked for
we cleaned the whole lot in the summer holidays. Since then I have never
cleaned books except in an ad hoc way. I have too many other things to do.
-    My aide cleans books as needed. My aide also wipes all headphones down
with disinfectant every morning and cleans monitors with anti-static wipes
-    Never...
-    When books are returned & they are dirty we wipe them off if we have
the time (me or a student).
-    HA! HA! HA!
-    Same as the shelves
-    only when I need to
-    if I see a really yucky book returned--during inventory in June I look
at the real bad ones
-    By me only as I see them come through circulation dirty.
-    cleaned?  never
-    In the primary school I buy books with washable covers and since I
don't have a sink only wash them once a year. I wash lots of the picture
books and certain sections of Nonfiction such as sports, jokes, and
-    by me, as needed
-    me - as needed which I evaluate as I check in
-    never, unless they are obviously sticky or unusually dirty
-    As needed, if and when time permits. We usually set them aside in a
special place and do cleaning and mending when classes miss due to
assemblies, etc. We just opened two years ago, so our books are not too bad;
it's usually the white ones that are the worst. Right around and on top of
the barcode.  If this is a big problem, perhaps you could get a core of
parent or senior citizen volunteers and have one big "back-to-school
clean-up day" before the library opens. Seniors love to help!
-    We try to wipe them off a little monthly and completely during annual
-    Officially, no one.

11. Does the custodian arrange for cleaning?

-     no
-     no
-     no
-     No___
-     No
-     no
-     no__
-     No--no overtime available
-     No
-     No
-    No
-    no
-    NO
-    no
-    no
-    You have got to be kidding.
-   No
-    No, and never.
-    No

12. If so, how often?

13.  If you and or the library staff do the cleaning, when do you do it?

-    I would love to but I simply can't
-    Whenever we see a particular book needs it
-    sometimes we look for books that need cleaning, but generally we clean
them after they're returned, before being reshelved
-    summer and after school
-    We try to clean book covers with a Windex type solution as we card the
books - we only do the very dirty books.
-    we are given 5 days without students at the end. My secretary does the
inventory after I have cleaned. In other words she follows right where I
have just cleaned with her wand to scan the books.
-    whenever I get the chance... The biggest tasks are cleaning the wooden
chairs and tables as well as the computers.
-    end of year we blow the dust off, especially when weeding and shelf
reading for inventory
-    Only when we see sticky or dirty books come across the circ desk (some
help by volunteers)
-    sometimes we clean the books during shelf cleaning
-    whenever I notice it's needed, and when I shelve them.
-    Working hours

14.  How often?

Miriam Travis, Librarian
JF Kennedy HS
Richmond, CA

We give thanks to the elders for guidance.    We open ourselves, we re
receptive to their tutelage.

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