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Please pardon this off-track plea... Is anyone out there a music guru?
My daughter just called me in a complete panic. She is a senior music
composition major and having problems with a project due Monday for a
class, form analysis. I know NOTHING of music but do know that she has
not gotten herself into a mess like this in a couple of years but is
evidently really not getting her stuff together. I am wondering if I
might be able to locate someone who could discuss via email the
composition she is studying, Hayden's 104th Symphony. I would love to be
able to offer her some help, especially since she has not ever asked
since maybe some time during her freshman year. Naturally she picked a
holiday week-end to panic, and she says she is not successful in
tracking down classmates. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone
thinks you could lend a hand you would make two people eternally
grateful. Email me personally at mbell@main.com and I will get you in
touch with her. She would have to know through me to go to the library
and check her email (her address is captainemily@hotmail.com) because
she does not have a computer in her apartment. My apologies for the
off-track posting. We make quite a pair. I am trying to write a
dissertation and she is taking classes which sound impossible hard to
me. We both hope to be millenium graduates. Thanks for tolerating this
intrusion, Mary Ann
"Try curiosity!"  --Dorothy Parker
Mary Ann Bell, Librarian
York Junior High School
Conroe ISD, TX
Adjunct Reference Librarian
Montgomery College TX

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