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On 3 Jul 99, Angus Saunders wrote:

> I seek software, preferably freeware or shareware, that will tell
> me what programs the pooter is running at a given time.  or if
> there is a way to do this in win98 without additional software, can
> someone tell me how?
> i think the programs i seek to identify are what is called TSR,
> for terminate and stay resident.

This probably is of interest to many, so I'll reply tot he list.
Note that this DOES NOT WORK with Win3.x or WinNT. There is a way to
do it with WinNT (I don't know how, but can find out if needed).
With Win3.x, open a DOS prompt and key "mem /c/p" without the " then

some of them are appropriately called TSR, others are part of the
basic Win9x or DOS operating environment.

key the reboot sequence ONCE, <control><alt><delete> and you will be
presented with the list of running programs.  There are a few
programs which hide themselves, typically virii (is that the
plural?), that will not show.

Right now, mine shows Explorer, Pegasus Mail, Rnaapp, Avconsole,
Point32, Mswheel, Systray, Vsstat, Vshieldwin.  I know what all are
but Rnaapp.

George Bynum
(the techy husband of a WONDERFUL media specialist)
member of LM_NET Technical Team, Hospitality Committee

Electrohydraulic Engineering
Cross Fluid Power
Greenville SC

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