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The following are responses that I received concerning my inquiry about the
new World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia.  Thank you for your help.
Catherine Robichaux
Grandview Elementary
Piscataway, N.J.

> I recently spoke to the NY/NJ representative and it won't be out until
> the fall.  I think I will ordr it - World Book is really too hard for
> many of the 3rd graders and, in general, their products are good....
> Leah Moksovits
I teach PK3-grade 4. I have seen the new World Book product. It is fine
as far as an elementary type encyclopedia goes--but inevitably what the
student wants an answer to is not covered by these easier to read
encyclopedias. If your kids browse in these reference tools, buy it--if
you need a set to look up the answer to a question (even if you have to
read the answer aloud to the student)stay with the original World
Book--at least you'll find the answer. personally I see little use for
these products other than taking up shelf space and dollars.
--Nancy Lieber
Lower School Library/Media Specialist
University School of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
> I have seen a mock up of some of the pages and it really looks good.  I
> bought two sets because they offered a special with the World Book.
> Kathy Geronzin
> Northeast Community Schools
> 3690 Hwy # 136
> Goose Lake, IA 52750
I haven't actually seen it, but I have seen the catalog and have talked to
a couple of friends that saw a copy from a salesman.  They are most
impressed.  Pair it with Heinemann's First Encyclopedia for K-2; World
Books New Younger Version for 2-3; and World Book for 3-5 and I think I am
set.   I ordered it.

Carl A. Harvey II, Media Specialist
Lowell Elementary, MSD of Warren Township
2150 S. Hunter Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46239
I saw a prepublication version at a meeting a few months ago.  We
> are ordering it based on that preview plus World Book's reputation plus
> need for a primary encyclopedia.  I have never had a World Book
> disappoint me so I am counting on this one being very good.  It is not a
> scaled down version of World Book.  It is a totally new encylopedia
> for primary students.

Judy B. Smith
I saw a print out of the first volume at the New York
School Library conference in May.  I ordered it.  My
3rd graders do a research project on animals and this
was just perfect:  habitat, food, protection.  1 page,
nice layout.

Jill Brown, LMS
Nardin Academy
Buffalo, NY

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