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I am sending this to four different list-servs, so I am apologizing in
advance for any duplications. I am currently working on a short research
paper for a five-week summer session course and would appreciate
assistance in a survey that would provide important, relevant information
for my topic. Due to the shortness of time, I will need to have all
surveys returned by July 13, 1999. All respondents need to have been
school library media specialists during the 98-99 school year. Thank you
for your time.

SURVEY  (For School library media specialist.  Since Summer vacation has
arrived, answer the following questions for the previous year.  Estimate
where necessary. If a question provides choices, delete the ones that do
not apply, leaving your answer.)

How many years have you worked as a school library media specialist?

How many years did you work as a teacher prior to being school library
media specialist?

How many years have you worked in your current school?

Describe the community your school serves (affluent, inner-city, rural,
poor, etc.).

What grade levels are you currently working with?

How many students are currently enrolled in your school?

What is your total annual budget?

How much of your total budget is designated for materials?

How much of your total budget is designated for technology?

Select two of the areas that are neglected due to budgets constraints..
Science sources         Professional resources          Educational
Reference       Videos          Computers       Multimedia products

Outside of the budget, have you sought out other ways to meet educational

If the answer was  yes, select the options that you have attempted?
Grants          Fundraising     Book in Memoriams

If you applied for grants, how many?  How many were successfully received?
What were the grants used for?

As a school media specialist, how much time do you actively spend locating
sources and in preparation to supplement the budget?
10%     15%     20%     25%     More than 25%

As a school media specialist, supplementing the budget is a major role.
Very strongly Agree     Strongly Agree  Agree   No Opinion      Disagree
Strongly Disagee                Very Strongly Disagree

Does your state and school district support and promote supplementing your

Have you used supplementing the budget as an educational tool for your

If yes, please explain.

This survey is to determine the effect of supplementing the budget on the
education of students.
It is understood that students will benefit from the educational programs
that are created from grant monies;
however, do the students receive any educational benefits from the grant
process or other supplemental
programs?  If you have any insights on this topic, please comment below.

Kevin Clement
MLIS student
349-H Curry
Greensboro, NC

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